Weather jinx


Apparently, I’m some sort of weather jinx. Because despite the fact that San Diego is 70 degrees and sunny pretty much all the time, the day that I write that into our itinerary, it’s cloudy and crappy. Originally, my plan for our final day was to go for a swim, relax around the pool/beach and just chill in the sunshine. Since it didn’t really occur to me that I needed a plan B, there had to be some improvising when we woke up to another overcast day. The previous day’s forecast had said it was going to burn off at 10 am, which you may have noticed from the zoo pictures didn’t happen. So, since today’s forecast wasn’t supposed to burn off until 1:00, I wasn’t exactly holding my breath.

So, hung out in the room for a little while. (Here’s T, rocking the SINGLE bathrobe they provided. Such attention to detail. Sigh… )

Eventually, we got hungry, so we checked out and headed into Coronado for breakfast at a cute little place that I’d photographed on Saturday:

It was a cute little diner where they were apparently doing some sort of photo shoot. I don’t know what it was for, but it was quite the production, with actors and make-up people and the whole nine yards. The photographer was apparently the valedictorian of his “How To Be A Show Biz Cliche class. (“Take a few minutes and develop a back-story. Why are you here?” For a still photo shoot. With child actors. “Um, cuz my mom said I had to?”)”

But aside from some uncontrollable eye-rolling, we had a nice breakfast. I liked that they had the little jukeboxes at the counter and I loved the words next to the clock on the wall:

Afterward, we walked around Balboa Park, which is a collection of museums and historical buildings from California’s Spanish days:

A lot of the museums were closed on Monday, but we wandered into the Botanical building:

Which was amazing inside:

There was this huge gorgeous section of orchids:

At the other end of the park was the Globe Theater (home of San Diego’s long-standing Shakespeare Festival) which had this creepy sculpture of Shakespeare that I couldn’t resist taking a picture of. The poor Bard. He deserves better than to be a disembodied head floating over two chopped off hands encased in rock. <Shakes head sadly.>

We had to get creative with the rest of our day. We went to Whole Foods to get plane food. We went and picked up some tortillas at the mexican place we’d gone to on Saturday and walked around Old Town a little bit. We had more In N Out burger. We found a park with this crazy long multi-use path and took a really long walk (about 4.5 – 5 miles) which was a nice way to spend the last hours before you are about to be stuffed onto an airplane. But before long, it was time to head back for home. After a short flight, brief layover, followed by a longer flight, we were stumbling to our parking shuttle at 11:45. It was a nice vacation, but at that point, even nicer to be home.