Moving day!


After all of the preparations and what-not, the big day finally arrived – moving day! I should say, moving days, since it’s a two day process. (Well, technically four, if you count the driving and then the movers bringing our boxes… ) But first, we start with the packing guy’s arrival. It was so weird to have someone else packing all of our crap. Really, the hardest part was staying out of their way:


We were lucky to have awesome plans in place for the first night: surprising our friend Jenn for her birthday at a great local restaurant: Staple & Fancy. We had an amazing meal and wonderful conversation with our friends and her parents. What a great final night in Seattle!

The next day, the loading process began. Naturally, we had to add a little drama into the mix. The night before, the Element’s headlights weren’t working, so we had to run it into the mechanic to get fixed QUICKLY. So, we had just hoofed it back to the house when one of the guys from the moving company was at our door. He was the advance man before the big giant truck. We had to get one of our neighbors to move their car. (Seriously, every other day the street in front of our house is completely clear, but the day a giant truck needs to park there? Some idiot has to park in front of our house, even though there is plenty of parking in front of her stupid house. But I digress… )

They literally rolled out the red carpet for us:


It was a little stressful, because they arrived with three other people’s stuff in the truck and were a little worried that they didn’t have quite enough space for us.


Luckily, we had a very skilled packing master in charge of loading the truck:

IMG_2614Little by little, the truck got fuller and the house got emptier:

IMG_2618 IMG_2621 IMG_2629

Before we knew it, the truck was filled and driving away. In a crazy twist of fate, the movers would be arriving in Oakland in TWO DAYS, so all of the stuff that I’d set aside to load into the car for us to live with while we waited for our stuff was totally pointless. Oh well! We cleaned up our little house and said good-bye to it and our wonderful landlord. I will definitely miss this place. (And Seattle, of course!)


We grabbed some dinner and hit the road. It was late when we arrived in Salem, so Susan had gone to bed, but the dogs were more than happy to stay up and greet us. The next morning, we got up and had a fantastic breakfast with Susan and then hit the road. It was a loooooonnnnnngggggg day of driving, punctuated with a few brief dog park stops for the boys to pee and run around. But before we knew it, we were pulling into the driveway our our new home!


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