California adventures


It has been a pretty crazy week. I had my last book group meeting (for The Color Purple, so we all dressed accordingly… ) I’m going to miss these ladies so much!


Then, after a frantic week trying to cram a full week of work into three days, it was time to board a flight down to California. The boy had to take a work trip down to Capitola and Santa Cruz, so he picked me up at the airport and we spent a glorious day looking at scenery like this:


We also had to stop by a brewery in the San Jose store. Naturally, we had to sample the wares. It would be irresponsible to do otherwise…


T tries to pretend otherwise, but I think he really loves his new iPhone!

The next few days were all about trying to find a place to live. We found this beautiful place on Craigslist, so we got to the open house early and put in an application (along with a bunch of other folks – five of them in the first 15 minutes we were there… )

We then headed north to meet our old friends the Cyclones for dinner. They suggested a place halfway between our two locations, a cute little seafood place with a really lovely view:


True to form, T and Jake ordered cioppino for two. They’re so romantic:

DinnerShenanigansIt was so lovely to hang out with them. (And a nice distraction from our lack of promising housing options… )

The next day, we tried really hard to go to an open house, but despite setting an appointment, the person never sent the actual address. We wandered around trying to figure it out from the vague map on Craigslist, but to no avail. Thankfully, we had plans with Erik & Nerissa to hang out with and take our minds off of stupid, flaky people.

We walked around Lake Merritt and then went to a really cool bar. It was nice to finally find a place that had seating for someone of my standing:


Nerissa got some great shots of the evening’s festivities:


We wrapped up the evening with awesome Ethiopian food. It was a fantastic evening.

We had one open house to go to on Sunday. We weren’t super hopeful about it, but it turned out to be really nice. We actually ended up putting an application in as a back-up plan, in case we didn’t get the other place.

We decided to grab some lunch and take a break from the housing stress. While we were waiting for the restaurant to open, we grabbed coffee at a super fancy place down the street from our old apartment, across from what was once a pretty sketchy high school. Gotta love gentrification!


We went down to Erik & Nerissa’s so that T could do his laundry. While we were driving, we got a call from the second place, offering it to us. Now we had a decision to make, did we take our “safety apartment”? Or hold out for the place we really wanted?

I’ll spare you the details, but we began a harrowing week of jumping through the first landlord’s hoops to commit while holding off second landlord. But in the end, it paid off and I’m pleased to report that this will be our new home!


I have a couple more weeks to wrap things up in the Pacific Northwest, but I’m so excited to have a solid idea of where we’ll be living.


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