Super fun Saturday


Susan is in town visiting, so we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and our limited time left in Seattle to do some fun stuff. We started at Skillet for breakfast, then headed into the city to ride the Great Wheel, the only touristy activity that was on my list to do before we left. We were having one of those glorious “last gasp of summer” sunny days, so we opted to park a little farther away and walk through the sculpture garden.

SFS_WheelWe arrived at the perfect time, with a minimal amount of line/crowds. As you might imagine, it’s quite an impressive piece of machinery:


The car itself is really nice, with big floor to ceiling windows to take in the view. (There’s a VIP car with a glass floor, that we all agreed might be a little bit much… ) It goes up really high, so you get a gorgeous view of the whole area. Say hi to my office building (weird angly striped one with taller black skyscraper right behind it):

SFS_WheelView1Industrial area and stadiums:

SFS_WheelView2Even the gigantic cruise ships look minuscule from up here:


We all geeked out pretty hardcore on the shadow in the water:


It was a very enjoyable excursion and I was happy we’d done it. Then we headed south to do a little furniture shopping with Susan, followed by some whiskey tasting for the boy. He and I had tried to go the previous weekend, but they were closed for a private party. So, it was with great relief that we saw the open sign:


Neither Susan nor I were particularly excited by whiskey and scotch tasting, so we hung out in the very beautiful tasting room, while T chatted with his fellow imbibers. It’s a gorgeous space:


The barrel room:


At some point the guy doing the tastings invited T back to see the stills, so he had us come back to see them also. Not only was the scale very impressive, I loved that they looked like something out of a Wes Anderson movie:


T in his element. Look how cute he is!


He bought a special whiskey that you can only get at the distillery. They really make the most of the experience. You get to fill the bottle yourself:


It had a nice sense of ceremony. They have you sign a little ledger and fill out your label and everything. It’s pretty awesome. T was in heaven.

We then headed back to the house, where T hung out with the dogs while Susan and I went for pedicures:

SFS_Pedicure1I chose a fun bright red, which is a big departure from my usual burgundy or more subtle shades.


Afterward, we had a little time to relax in the backyard, before getting dressed up to go to an early birthday dinner for T at Terra Plata. They seated us on their beautiful rooftop deck:


We had a fantastic time. The food was both lovely and delicious. We shared many fantastic things, including fresh garbanzo beans, (pictured on the right):


We followed dinner with a few cocktails at Sun Liquor. It was an action-packed day, but, we all agreed, pretty much perfect. Since there are a limited number of days before T starts his new job, it felt like we’d really maximized our fun time.

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