Women in the Woods Week


As I previously mentioned, I was fortunate enough to get to spend a week in the Methow. Austin and I held down the fort on Sunday night and a fair amount of Monday. I worked for most of the day, except for a lunchtime walk. I think there would be world peace if everyone could spend part of their lunch hour looking at this:


Then I was joined by Kristine, Tyr, Jenn and Amalie. Except for poor Austin, the cabin was suddenly filled with girls. We quickly settled into a comfortable routine of work:

WorkCrewFood (with some evening wine for the grown-ups… )

AustinBabysittingThere would typically be an afternoon run or hike with the dogs, or sometimes just Austin and I. A tired dog is a happy dog:


And of course, plenty of baby snuggles:

KristineBedtime GirlTalk

Kristine and I even got to go on a horseback riding adventure. They put the two gingers together:

GingersI got to ride Buttons, the Cadillac of horses:

ButtonsNeither of us were particularly skilled horsewomen, as evidenced by these pictures taken by Annie, the woman leading our trail ride. Buttons wanted no part of the paparazzi:

RidingFolliesBut eventually, she struck a pose:


On Friday, I took a vacation day and Jenn and I went for a nice hike up Patterson Mountain with the pups. Jenn is such an overachiever – baby on the front, backpack and dog on a leash:


I let Austin be off leash for a bit. He had a grand time running to and fro:


He found a pheasant to chase. (And came back to me when I called him, which was pretty surprising… ) Meanwhile, Try was a perfect lady:

TyrFlowersI couldn’t resist a shot of Jenn’s whole set-up:

JennPowerHikingThe view was still incredible:


Then, we were joined by the boys on Friday night. We met up with them at the Mazama Store for packet pick-up and then split into our respective families – T and I to grab pizza for dinner, Jenn & Bryan to take care of Miss. Amalie. The rest of our evening was spent eating, drinking and not doing a very good job of being serious athletes. 😉

The next morning, the boys headed out for their first two legs. Then Jenn and I headed over to meet up with Bryan at the end of Leg Two for baby exchange and to start our part of the race. All of the week’s activity was quite evident in my legs as I started, so I urged Jenn to go on ahead (thankfully, she eventually did) and took it very leisurely. There were a ton of ladies in town from the group I run with in Seattle (the High Heel Running Group) and they cheered for me like I was a rockstar. So motivating. Leg Four also covered some of the trails we’d run on last weekend, so it was fun to remember those times.

Then T picked me up at the end of my leg and we reunited at the cabin. Amalie was still napping, so T and I headed to the race finish to watch Bryan bring it in strong:


Afterward, we had some post-race food and beverages, then headed back to the cabin for some more recovery. At some point during the week, Jenn and I had decided to drink our wine out of mason jars. #classy

PostRaceRecoveryAustin was still tired from his exploits on Patterson, so he was happy to chill out with us after the race:

EveningWindDownEven though it affected my “race”, I wouldn’t have traded all of the fun I had this week for the world. It was such a treat to get to hang out with Jenn and Kristine, spend some restorative time in the woods and generally just take a break from my day-to-day routine. I am so lucky to have these opportunities in my life.

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