A wintery new year


New Year’s is usually a pretty quiet holiday for us. (Especially the last two years, where it usually heralds the start of a Whole 30…  ) So, when Jenn & Bryan invited us to their awesome cabin, we couldn’t resist. (Actual plans? How glamourous!) 😉

However, in the interests of full disclosure, I should mention that I’m not really a winter person. I’m terrified of sliding on ice and snow, so our vacation started with me taking deep breaths in the passenger seat while T navigated what is usually a windy, dirt road up to the cabin. I did pretty well until we got to the icy driveway and then it was time to flee.

But soon the car was safely unloaded and stowed at the base of the driveway. Jenn snuck out for a quick ski and we took the boys out for a little walk. Austin thinks this whole snow thing is pretty awesome:


He ran and ran with that big puppy smile on his face the entire time. And, of course, the scenery was even more hideous than usual:


When we returned, Wally made himself right at home on Tyr’s bed:

NYE14-FiresideWallyAnd Austin met Ms. Amalie. It was love at first sight:


I’m sure it’s going to be a different story when she becomes mobile, but it’s pretty adorable right now.

The next morning it was 8 degrees. (No, that’s not a typo: EIGHT degrees!) So, we bundled little Austin up in Greta’s old coat and some snow booties and took the pups (and baby) out for a nice long walk. Austin was a very good sport:

NYE14-AustinFashion(Those booties lasted about five minutes before they ended up in a snow bank and we gave up on them.) Afterward, everyone was pretty pooped:


We decided to give skate skiing a try and went into town for lunch and for T and I to rent some equipment. I should mention that to date my skiing experience consists of two disastrous attempts at downhill skiing. (The second one involved me taking my skis off, marching across the bottom of a ski hill at Whistler and being rescued by ski patrol, but I digress… )

This is relevant because when it came time to actually put the skis on my feet, I was TERRIFIED. Like, bursting-into-tears-terrified. Or, too scared to leave the little flat area in front of the warming hut. Whichever. T was so sweet and hung out with me while I wobbled to and fro, eventually feeling a little better about it, but still too scared to try any of the trails. Eventually, I convinced him to go out for a little trail time with Jenn.

The next morning, we went out again – this time with me on Jenn’s classic cross-country skis. We went to a flat trail out in Mazama and it was a whole different ball game. Not only was I more comfortable on the classic skis, but T was able to keep working on his skate skiing. It was really fun. Plus the trails had these little tracks that I could shush along in and actually get a little glide going:


The cross-country trails in this area are truly amazing. They go on for miles and miles and are impeccably maintained. It’s not really surprising that a fair number of Olympians have come from here:


I can’t believe I’m skiing!


I’ll definitely give cross-country another shot and eventually even get back out on those skate skis, once I have a more successful skiing foundation. Who knows, maybe we’ll become those “winter sport people!”

In between all of this outdoorsy activity, there was delicious food, good wine and games of Cards Against Humanity and Mexican Dominos. We re-gifted a bottle of Hot Monkey (a chili-infused vodka) that has become the penalty shot for three wins in a row. Let’s just say that after watching T and Bryan take shots of it, I’m not inspired to improve my Mexican dominos game…

Due to a scary storm moving in, we ended up heading home on Saturday. We did get a nice morning snowshoe in, followed by a delicious lunch in Twisp. It was sad to leave such a fun vacation, but we definitely needed a day to get to get ready to go back to work. As always, so many thanks to our awesome hosts for the wonderful time.

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