Weekend wrap up


Sadly, Heidi and family had to hit the road on Friday morning. We sent them off with a nice breakfast at Skillet. It was pouring rain, which was a huge bummer. But we enjoyed the last of our visit with snuggles from Kenley and entertainment from Kamryn:

KamrynSpoonThe waiter was kind enough to take a group photo before we parted ways:


Our house was so quiet when we got back. T had to work, so I spent the day puttering around, doing laundry, etc. Neither of us had any desire to go out and shop, so we spent a nice relaxing evening at home.

The next morning, I was supposed to meet the group for a trail run but I woke up with a scratchy throat and about an inch of SNOW on the ground. It was in the forecast, but we’ve been burned so many times that I just didn’t believe it. So, I called my trail run and let the boys do the running for me:

BoysinSnow SnowDogsMontage

Austin gets so excited when it snows. We’ve only had it twice now, but it gets him all jazzed up. I can’t wait to take him up to Jenn & Bryan’s cabin this year. He’s going to lose his puppy mind!


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