So many thanks


This year, I have a ton to be thankful for. It’s been a crazy roller coaster at times but, on the whole, 2014 has been very good to us. Having my house filled with people I love is a fantastic reminder of that.

This year, as has become our custom, we got up early to join nearly 4,000 other crazy people to do the Turkey Trot. It was just T and I running this year, with M and a friend of hers walking it with their respective kids in strollers, and the rest of the gang chilling at M & J’s place while J prepped the traditional Thanksgiving morning bagels. As usual, there was a wide variety of awesome headgear and costumes. But this one was my favorite:

TurkeyTrotBestHatWe’d told Heidi where they could watch us run by, but the timing on this stuff is always tricky. Apparently, they arrived at the appointed corner TEN seconds before we ran by. So crazy! The rest of the run was fairly uneventful. My goal was to take it easy and not get too crazy as I had a long trail run on Saturday. T ran with me for most of the race but eventually couldn’t not run faster. We finished and took the traditional post-race selfie:

TurkeyTrotSelfieAnd then took the many, many stairs back up to M & J’s house to join the festivities. Despite J’s traditional protestation of how the bagels were going to be ruined, they were delicious. The girls deeply enjoyed playing with Rowan and a lovely time was had by all.

We returned home to do some prep work and relax before the evening’s festivities. Heidi made her traditional dish, with the unfortunate name of “carrot mold.” As you can see, names can be deceiving:

CarrotMoldI made a pumpkin cheesecake pie from this year’s Martha Stewart Living. (Mine wasn’t nearly as pretty as hers, but it tasted great.)


Because we have so much Thanksgiving dinner experience, it was a pretty relaxed day. The adults had some quality Lego time:

AdultLegos2AdultLegos But eventually, the table got set:


The girls made everyone place cards:

PlacesettingAnd, per usual, there was a ridiculous amount of delicious food:

2014foodDinner was delicious and filled with good wine and lively conversation. Afterward, we chilled on the couch while the girls entertained us and played with their new favorite toy, aka Rowan:

RowanGirls2RowanGirlsI think Kamryn sums up the fun and excitement factor quite nicely here:


Yet another fantastic Turkey Day is in the books. It’s funny to me that the holiday that was just T and I for so many years has morphed into this big awesome celebration, but I’m so grateful for it. Let’s hope it continues for many years to come.

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