Double the fun


This year, I think I’m most thankful for the madness of my friend Heidi. When she was visiting a few months ago, she floated the idea that she, Tom, and the girls were contemplating a road trip up here for the holidays. I was super excited about the idea, but I was certainly preparing myself for her to say “Wait, what? That’s nuts!” So, I was super-duper psyched when they announced that they were still on board for this wacky adventure.

They arrived on Monday afternoon filled with stories from the road. The girls were happy to not be in the car any more and filled the house with cuteness:


The next morning, T and I had to work so we sent Heidi and the family off on a Bainbridge Island adventure. Apparently, there’s a great kids museum over there and they had an awesome time. In addition, T and I both got to work at home, so it was a nice, low-key day with a few Turkey Day cooking tasks thrown in for good measure. When they returned, we all went to one of T’s favorite burger places for dinner. (Farewell, Whole 30!)

On Wednesday, T and I took the day off so we could go sightseeing. First stop was the Chihuly Museum. Everyone loved it, especially the girls:

ChihulyGirls2ChihulyGirls1Afterward, we grabbed some lunch together and then T and I took the girls to the Pacific Science Center and gave their parents a little break. We had a blast. The girls clearly don’t enjoy spending time with their Uncle T, as you can see:


We went to the Butterfly Garden:

GirlsButterflyGarden(Kamryn got a little freaked out when they fluttered too closely, but she regrouped nicely.)

KamrynButterflyGardenI think Kenley enjoyed the koi pond more than the butterflies:

ScienceCenterKenleyWe played with the water cannons in the courtyard:

WaterCannonKamrynWaterCannonKenleyEven Uncle T got in on the action:

WaterTandGirlsThere were dinosaurs…

DinosaurGirlsDinosaurKenleyAnd a trip into space…

T_KamrynSpaceMy hat is off to you parents. After a few hours, I was pooped! (And this is coming in fresh with the girls being on perfect behavior. Yikes!) We took a trip over to Theo’s Chocolate Factory for Heidi to pick up some Christmas gifts (and for the rest of us to enjoy the free samples!) Then it was home to enjoy some quality time with the couch. The girls caught T up on the intricacies of Jake and the Pirates:

CouchSnugglesWe ended the evening with wine, appetizers and a visit from my friend Jenn. It was fun to have two of my good friends get to meet in real life. The girls were sad that they didn’t have a chance to meet Amalie, but someday they’ll understand than when you have a chance to get out of the house sans baby, you take it! 😉

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