Adventures afoot


Now that we’re back from our jet-setting adventure, it’s time for a good old-fashioned training post! My Deception Pass training has taken a real beating lately. Between a bout of illness and my New York trip, I hadn’t run in… *cough*… two weeks. Yikes! I joined a training group and my runs with them have been humbling to say the least. It’s a testament to how awesome trail running is that I don’t sit in my car and cry afterwards. Last weekend’s group run was at Discovery Park, which is in Seattle and very cool. I cut the group workout short, but vowed to come back the following day to do another loop.

I roped T into joining me and we brought this little troublemaker:

TR-PuppyI ran with Austin most of the way, but I made T take him down the stairs:

TR-BoyThe trails were beautiful. It’s so hard to believe we’re in the city:


And the company was excellent:

TR-BoysWe lucked out on the weather, because it was pouring rain later that day. As it did for the remainder of the week. On Tuesday, I headed out in the drizzle for a lunchtime run. I’ll confess that I was not psyched. The weather was blah. My legs felt heavy. I felt like I was running in place, even though my heart-rate monitor alert was chiming like I was sprinting. Sigh. I really wanted to cut the run short, but I forced myself to do the full time.

And I’m really glad I did, because just minutes after I would have turned around, I saw a sea otter bobbing around in the Sound. I’ve never seen one, so I stopped to try and get a picture and just enjoy him. This is right before he dove back under the water:

OtterIt reminded me of how many cool things I’ve seen while out training and how fundamentally lucky I am to be able to do these things. It completely recharged my attitude and allowed me to go out with Mr. Austin in a torrential downpour for Thursday’s run. I decided to try a new route and found a new park to run through. I felt like I might get axe-murdered, but it was actually totally fine. And very pretty:

ThursdayTrailAll in all, it’s been a pretty good week. Austin’s eye is healing up and he was able to go to daycare this week, so all is well in the Dragonfire household.

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