A trip down memory lane


After last night’s epic festivities, we slept in and had a nice leisurely morning. We packed up and checked out of our magnificent room, leaving our luggage with the hotel for a few hours. Both of us were feeling like we needed something a little less decadent for lunch, so we headed to a Paleo restaurant that I’d read about.

NYC3-HuKitchen1It was great. And pretty reasonable by NYC brunch standards:

NYC3-HuKitchen2We both got the Paleo benedict and split some sweet potato hash. I ended up not eating the biscuits (Grain-free baked goods are apparently just not my thing.) but it was otherwise excellent.

NYC3-HuKitchen3Then we hopped on the subway to our old stomping grounds, Park Slope. I love visiting places where I used to live. You get to play that game of “That used to be a… ” and appreciate the businesses that have stuck it out. But first, our old apartment:

NYC3-OldApartmentAnd here’s Seventh Avenue. It hasn’t changed nearly as much as I’d expected it to. Some businesses are gone, but a lot of them remain intact.

NYC3-OldHoodWe walked up the street, enjoying the pretty weather and feeling nostalgic. We passed a little flea market that had a very nice looking taco truck. Naturally, we had to partake:


The taco was insanely delicious. If I hadn’t still been full from breakfast, I would have gotten a second one. (and maybe a third.) Holy crap!

We then headed over to Grand Army Plaza, with more food trucks. (I can’t believe how big food trucks are in NYC, it was nuts.)

NYC3-GrandArmyPlazaThen into Prospect Park. This was Smokey Joe’s former dog park:

NYC3-ProspectParkI love this park, it’s so beautiful. Especially on a crisp fall day.

NYC3-ProspectPark2 NYC3-ProspectPark3On our way out, I noticed some artistic Halloween decorating:

NYC3-JackOLanternWe took the subway back to our hotel to pick up luggage and then grabbed a cab to our new Midtown Best Western digs. Needless to say, our room wasn’t quite as opulent as our old one:

NYC3-BW1And no bathtub makes me (and my very tired legs) extra sad:

NYC3-BW2And no more nice river view:

NYC3-BW3We unpacked and then headed out for a little snack. I generally hate Midtown, because it’s crazy crowded, but I do love the over the top retail here:

NYC3-CoolBuildingWe’d seen this little pop-up market, with all sorts of different food vendors, from the cab, so we had to check it out.

NYC3-FoodFestivalThere were all sorts of delicious things. I had to indulge in one of the truffle-cheese pretzels from this place:

NYC3-PretzelCartI loved the tables’ design:

NYC3-FoodFestival2It wouldn’t be New York without a cannoli:

NYC3-CannolisThen we relaxed at the Best Western, drinking some of the wine we’d bought on Friday. Then we met up with T’s work peeps in the hotel bar for happy hour, followed by dinner. After being by ourselves for the last few days, it was weird to be in a big group. But thankfully T works with really cool people, so it was a fun evening. We closed out the evening with gelato at Eataly.


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