Taking a bite out of the Big Apple


We slept for a delightfully long time and woke up both refreshed and famished. So, we got ready and headed out to Breslin, the bar and restaurant attached to the Ace Hotel (a.k.a. hipster central.) The decor did not disappoint:

NYC2-Breslin1 NYC2-BreslinBarI loved the brightly lit kitchen in the back of the shadowy dining room:

NYC2-BreslinInterior NYC2-BreslinMenuWe split a caesar salad and then T had a fancy stuffed pepper thing and I had steak and eggs. The menu specifies that the eggs were fried, but when I tried to specify that I wanted them “over hard”, the server informed me that they only could do fried. (Sigh.) And then asked me how I’d like my steak cooked. (Double sigh.) Plus there was some poor man-bun-wearing creature who was tasked with bringing people coffee and tea wandering around and trying to randomly give out these beverages. He tried to give us two other people’s coffee after he brought ours. But dim-witted wait staff aside, the food was really fantastic.

We then headed over to the Ace to check out the lobby decor.

NYC2-AceLobbyPer usual, they’d done a great job. We had our pictures taken in the photo booth:

NYC2-AceLobby2I liked this type treatment on the stairs:

NYC2-AceStaircaseAfterward, we walked around the neighborhood, enjoying the cool architecture:

NYC2-CoolArchitecture NYC2-MetLifeBuilding

And then we walked down toward the Flatiron building:

NYC2-FlatironStreetOne of the things that has changed a lot since we lived here is the prevalence of bike lanes. They’ve put a bunch of rental bikes around the city, so you see a lot more bikes out on the road, so it’s very good to see some kind of infrastructure for them. There were also quite a lot of skateboards:


(One of the kids in this group was dressed like Where’s Waldo. I’m so sad that I couldn’t get a photo of him.) These guys were GoPro-ing their ride through the city. I always wonder if anyone actually watches the random skateboarding videos on YouTube or Vine or wherever they post them.

We continued our walking tour by heading to a couple of shops in SoHo. It was crazy crowded and I generally hate SoHo because it has weirdo crap like this:

NYC2-SohoChobaniSeriously? A Chobani store? WHY?! I soothed my troubled soul with a trip to Pearl River, one of my favorite places to browse back in the day. Because you can find random stuff like this:

NYC2-TbirdI cannot get enough of this picture. I think it’s hilarious. If the mask hadn’t been a little too expensive (and would have given Austin a heart attack), I’d totally have bought one.

More walking and shopping later and we popped into another old favorite for a snack: Bubby’s. They had some very good advice:

NYC2-Bubbys2Which we took:

NYC2-BubbysThen, we headed back to the hotel to relax for a little while before dinner. Which is where I think I’ll stop for now, because dinner needs it’s own post. 🙂






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