Halloween hijinks


Last year, my boss hosted a little team-building shin-dig at his place. Since it was October, there was a Halloween theme. This year, we decided to take things up a notch. There were signature cocktails (including my sparkling apple sangria). This is Reed’s pumpkin spice latte martini:

CocktailsAs with last year, he also had a fantastic spread of food and snacks. This year, we even had a craft project:

ShrinkyDinksThat’s right, Shrinky Dinks! I didn’t know they still made them. God bless Amazon!


They came out pretty cool:

ShrinkyDinks3As tradition dictates, Mel brought accessories and we took pictures on the roof:

RoofPortrait1 RoofPortrait2I couldn’t resist getting a shot of our photographer:

PhotoBunnyAnd, of course, there had to be a silly selfie:

SillySelfieAnd some behind the scenes footage:


OuttakesAfter some more adult beverages, the night got a even more entertaining:

BunnyEarsLoren ReedClownNose


At some point, T joined us and I may or may not have ended up in a gay bar wearing bunny ears at 1 in the morning. (I swear, my life is usually not this entertaining!) Poor T had to deal with getting me home. Let’s just say he’s a rockstar and I owe him big time!


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