Summer smorgasbord



Sorry for the blog neglect. Summer has finally come to the Pacific Northwest and I couldn’t be happier about it, but it does make keeping up on my blogging somewhat difficult. There haven’t been any major adventures lately, so I’ll just do a little synopsis of our activities accompanied by lots of photos.

These two have been keeping us entertained:

DogsEspecially Young Austin. He makes me laugh all the time. My phone is chock-full of pictures of his antics. (If the trend continues, I may need to rename this blog!)

SillyAustinLearning how the couch works #sospecial:

SillyAustin2This is after TWO runs, one with T and then a second one with me later in the day. Tired, but that tail is still wagging… 

SillyAustin1He does crash pretty spectacularly in the evenings though:


We signed up for a CSA this year and have been enjoying lots of this goodness:

CSAbox1 CSAbox2We’ve also managed to enjoy some outdoor happy hours:


The boy and I have been out on a few bike adventures. You know you live in Seattle when your summer post-ride pictures look like this (drizzle + road biking = filthy):

DirtyFeetWe’ve also managed to hang out with this little rug-rat a few times:

RowanTandMWe went out to see the bike criterium in Ballard and had a very enjoyable time:

BallardCritWell, some of us more than others… 😉

GrumpyMSo far, we’re off to a pretty great start!







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