Snoqualmie Valley 10k “race” report


For the run part of our training plan, we needed to get 10k race times to calculate paces for speed work. Since neither of us has run a 10k since the Dog Dash (which wasn’t actually 10k, as it turned out.) So, I signed us up for the Snoqualmie Valley 10k, a nice little race out in Carnation. They had pretty fantastic SWAG for such a small race:


It turned out to be the same day as the Rock & Roll half in Seattle, so road closures made for an earlier arrival time than I’d originally planned. But that just gave us plenty of time to park, stand in the porta-potty line and take silly pictures of T in front of said porta-potties:

Pre10k-T(I like that he’s wearing the shirt from his PR 10k… A good luck charm, for sure!)

The 10k was the perfect sized group – not so crowded that I had to weave through big crowds, but enough folks that I wasn’t running by myself the whole time. T of course was way in front of me, but it was an out-and-back, so we got to do our requisite high five out on the course. The race photos turned out to be surprisingly decent:

T-10k1 M-10k2 M-10k3 T-10k3You can tell T is taking this much more seriously than yours truly. But his hard work paid off, he ended up being SECOND in his age group (of 11, in case you were wondering.) He was sixth when we looked at the results on site, but when we checked later he’d moved up to second. It was a bummer because we would have stayed for the awards if we’d known.

I paced myself better than I have in a running race in quite a long time. I’ve forgotten how much 10k’s hurt though, I crossed the finish line and pretty much immediately laid down on the grass for a good solid five minutes. Then ate all of the pretzels and m&m’s. And was pretty much done for the rest of the day. Yeeesh.



Summer smorgasbord



Sorry for the blog neglect. Summer has finally come to the Pacific Northwest and I couldn’t be happier about it, but it does make keeping up on my blogging somewhat difficult. There haven’t been any major adventures lately, so I’ll just do a little synopsis of our activities accompanied by lots of photos.

These two have been keeping us entertained:

DogsEspecially Young Austin. He makes me laugh all the time. My phone is chock-full of pictures of his antics. (If the trend continues, I may need to rename this blog!)

SillyAustinLearning how the couch works #sospecial:

SillyAustin2This is after TWO runs, one with T and then a second one with me later in the day. Tired, but that tail is still wagging… 

SillyAustin1He does crash pretty spectacularly in the evenings though:


We signed up for a CSA this year and have been enjoying lots of this goodness:

CSAbox1 CSAbox2We’ve also managed to enjoy some outdoor happy hours:


The boy and I have been out on a few bike adventures. You know you live in Seattle when your summer post-ride pictures look like this (drizzle + road biking = filthy):

DirtyFeetWe’ve also managed to hang out with this little rug-rat a few times:

RowanTandMWe went out to see the bike criterium in Ballard and had a very enjoyable time:

BallardCritWell, some of us more than others… 😉

GrumpyMSo far, we’re off to a pretty great start!