Rocking in the big 4-4


I must confess, I’m not typically a big birthday person. After some truly horrible birthdays, I distanced myself from the idea of your birthday being this big magical day. But for some reason, I decided that this year I would do something different and plan something special. My actual birthday was on a Thursday, so it was a pretty quiet day, except that some very nice boxes arrived in the mail. My brother and Nerissa continued their epic gift-giving streak.

First there was this hilarious gift bag, courtesy of a Tokyo 7-11:

BdayBag(Since Austin is pretty much the poster child for dramatic dog abandonment hijinks, we’ll be quoting this bag forever… ) It was filled with all sorts of awesomeness:

44giftmontageThe fish-waffle iron thing lets us make filled sandwiches, similar to the now defunct No Fish Go Fish in Portland, so I’m pretty excited about playing with it. The creepy Japanese action figures and gift bag will soon be adorning my cubicle (sorry co-workers!)

The next day was the big event: we rented a private karaoke room at Rock Box. It is truly a testament to what excellent friends I have that they showed up. (I’m quite certain that I was the only person looking forward to our big evening.)

KaraokeMJ2 KaraokeMJ3

But there were cocktails:


And some mad jams:


And a wide variety of amusing things on the screen:


T learned that all of his favorite songs are very hard to sing:


But I think everyone was pleasantly surprised by how much fun we had:

KaraokeMJMany drinks were consumed. Many songs sung. (Highlights include Jenn & Bryan’s rendition of “Ice, Ice, Baby.”)


After Rock Box, a smaller group of us headed to Sun Liquor where I received the nicest birthday present of all, the bouncer carded me. 😉 It’s the latest we’ve been out for quite some time and I was very grateful that we’d taken Uber. But it was such a fun night and I’m sincerely grateful to my friends for coming out to celebrate with me. Maybe there’s something to this whole “celebrating your birthday” thing after all!



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