Memorial Day weekend


First off, some exciting news in the DragonFire household, we have a new (to us) car:

ElementI have wanted an Element for quite some time, but given that they don’t make them any more and people seem to be pricing the used ones like they are collector’s items, I wasn’t sure we were going to be able to make it happen.

Susan came up for the holiday weekend, which means lots and lots of dog antics:

AustinBlue DogBonding AustinBluePlayingAnd all of that makes for a very tired Austin:

TuckeredOutWe also had people adventures. We stuffed all of our bikes in the back of the Element and went out for a nice bike ride:


Susan even took a nap so that we could go out for a fancy dinner to celebrate my birthday. (Not having to eat at 5:00 was birthday present enough… )


Susan and I ran a little errand in Ballard that involved a hipster store. Apparently, the kids are into weird taxidermy now:

CreepyStore1 CreepyStore2

After her exposure to the young people, we taught Susan how to take a selfie:

SusanSelfieWe had the Grumpersons over for dinner on Sunday night. M and Rowan wore an excellent duo of t-shirts:


We had such a fun evening.

DinnerFun SusanBlue

I think Blue and Rowan are besties now:

RowanBlue RowanBlue2As always, despite having an extra day, the weekend still flew by. But it was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.





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