Portland reunion


Sorry for the break in posting, after so many years of writing this blog, I’m afraid my material is wearing thin. ūüėČ

The boy has been traveling down to Portland a lot lately, so in an effort to actually see him, I decided to tag along. Susan was kind enough to watch the pups, so we drove them down to Salem, stopping briefly at my folks place so that my mom could meet Mr. Austin. (She loved him, especially since he tired out little lord Bingley… )

We stayed in a lovely room in the Deluxe. (Working remotely from a hotel room is weird.) It was fun to get to spend some time in Portland. I got to re-visit two of my favorite run routes. The bridge loop, which was beautiful even with the royal sampler of crazy weather it dumped on me (rain, wind, hail, sunshine, thunder and lightning.)

BridgeRun1 BridgeRun2And, of course, Forest Park was a must. It rained NON-STOP for the entire hour that I was there, but it was still beautiful:

FP-Collage FP-4 FP-3 FP-2I had hoped to get to ride up Mt. Tabor for old times sake, but I just couldn’t work up the enthusiasm to do that in the rain, so it didn’t happen. Another time. I did get a couple of swims in, so it was a pretty decent week, training-wise.

I also got to walk around the city, enjoying the random public art that is Portland’s trademark. I hadn’t had a chance to see this creepy gem:


And there may have been some shopping, because… you know… no sales tax. Stupid Keen store. It was too enticing.


There was also a fair amount of eating. We went to an old favorite:


To our astonishment, we didn’t have to wait at all. But we did end up sitting next to the worst person on earth, so there was a down-side. (Example: when one of our appetizers came, she talked at length about how disappointing and sub-standard it was, despite the fact that we were sitting right next to them. She’s lucky I was too busy eating to kick her ass… ) But the delicious food and cocktails mollified us:


I also got to try a really delicious food cart that I’d been hearing about:

FoodCartWe celebrated our 17th anniversary while we were there.¬†(I KNOW!!!) I even bought myself a cute new dress for the occasion. I’m fairly bad at the mirror selfie, but I rather liked how this one came out:

AnniversaryWe went to¬†Ox, a restaurant that we’d heard amazing things about. (It did not disappoint.) There was a bit of a wait, but there was the Nike Factory store just up the street, followed by their¬†nice little bar next door. I really loved the cocktail names on the menu. (I think it’s¬†obvious what my favorite one is):

OxCocktailsWe ended up sitting at the counter, which I’m normally not a fan of on special occasions, but it was fun. We got to watch them fire the meat entrees in¬†the giant wood-fired grill:

OxOvenPlus, we had a great conversation with another couple at the counter, which was fun. The food was magnificent:

OxFoodAnd on our way out on town on Saturday morning, we finally made it to Screen Door for brunch. Holy crap! We got breakfast hushpuppies:

ScreenDoor1And I stupidly ordered the fried chicken and waffle, forgetting where I was:

ScreenDoor2(The good news was that we didn’t really need to eat again until Tuesday.)

We spent the remainder of the weekend in Salem. We were supposed to do the Monster Cookie metric century that I did last year, but I called it due to pouring rain and my general wussiness. Instead, I went on a run with Susan and three out of the four dogs (Wally stayed home with T.) They got to be off-leash for the majority of it, which was great. Until Austin caught a little chipmunk/vole thing which was gross and traumatizing.

It was supposed to be a four mile¬†run, but in Susan-world that turned into¬†five and half, so things got a little bonky toward the end, (I forgot my standard “bring a gel” protocol for running with Susan) but we survived. Good thing this little killer is cute:


Then it was time to hit the road for the long drive home. I think that everyone had a good week, but were also happy to be home:




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