Bye-bye, Lanai


I woke up miraculously not-hungover. Given this sight in the kitchen, (on top of a running dishwasher) I was more than a little surprised:

AftermathI was a little sad that our time in paradise was at an end, but I tried to soak up the last bits of awesomeness. First stop, the Four Seasons pool. As we were leaving the house, I saw this cardinal making a lot of commotion on top of the cool palm tree and had to take a picture:

CirclePalmCardinalAs expected, the pool was glorious:


We indulged in an over-priced cocktail, alternated between laying in the sunshine and dips in the beautiful water. It was heaven. Eventually, it was time to head back to the house to pack, but first we had to sit in these awesome chairs that I saw on the first day:

AdirondacksSo relaxing…

AdirondackDFsBut then, it was really time to head back and start packing up. I couldn’t resist taking melancholy photos and posting on Instagram. I know.

Good-bye, beautiful living room with your crazy ocean view:

LivingRoomWindowsGood-bye, awesome lawn where we’d watch whales in the morning, drinking coffee in the sunshine:

BackyardViewI tried not to be sad that we were leaving and appreciate that we’d had such an amazing vacation.

Getting on the ferry was a much simpler experience this time. Bye, tiny harbor:

HarborLanaiGood-bye, Sweetheart Rock:

ByeLanaiWe had one logistical challenge when we got off the ferry, where to keep our bags for the six hours we had to kill before our red-eye flight home. I’d thought that the Best Western across the street from the ferry would let us buy some storage space, but they shut that notion down firmly. The ferry “terminal” was a tiny shed which didn’t look they could fit our bags and the lady inside. But we figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask, so T went over to talk to the lady. To my surprise, he waved me over.

The ferry lady’s solution was to call a cab company she knew and have them hold our bags for us before taking us to the airport. Had this been proposed to me in my normal life, I would have LAUGHED and then asked the person if they thought I was an idiot. But somehow, in Hawaii, it didn’t seem that crazy. Plus, if you’re going to scam tourists, you probably shouldn’t work for the ferry company and have a really distinctive name (Letha.) And so it was, that we had a tiny Hawaiian lady named Kimmy pick us up in her giant Lincoln Navigator. She took us to Star Noodle for dinner (Yay!!!)

SNBaconEggsThen picked us up to go down to do some shopping in Lahaina for a few hours. Then came back to take us to the airport for our very late flight. And ended up charging us for the middle of the range we’d been told to expect for just a straight cab ride to the airport. It was fantastic.

Not fantastic was the crowded flight home. We had gambled on the aisle/window seat booking and actually won the coveted middle seat. (I think it was the only empty seat on the plane.) Thanks to the after midnight departure time and the Ambien Erin had given me, I actually slept on the plane. Unfortunately, the flight was only four hours, so I was pretty much a zombie when we landed. So. Tired.

We’d flown into Portland, so we could pick the dogs up from Susan’s house. We had a lovely breakfast with Susan before hitting the road for many hours of this:

DriveHomeNon-stop, torrential rain. With traces of fog. YAY! It took forever because we kept trading driving duties, since both of us were pretty pooped. We basically got home, threw our luggage into the dining room, returned the rental car and then collapsed on the couch and ordered a pizza for dinner. I was so tired that I went to bed at 7:45.

To add a touch of insult to injury, Daylight Savings Time started which just added to the jet lag. We tried to add little touches of Hawaii to our day. T’s souvenir:

CoffeeBagsThis pretty tree blooming next to the driveway:

PopColorWe bought a pineapple and some macadamia nuts at the supermarket. But what really helped ease the post-vacation blues was snuggling from Austin:

HelloSnugglesAnd hanging out with M, J and Rowan at Pies & Pints. It was such a great vacation, but home has it’s charms.

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