The big send-off…


Our days in Hawaii were drawing to a close. It was time to savor every moment and make sure anything that we did any last things we wanted to do. Today, my mission was the poke market and going snorkeling one last time. The beach was supposed to have excellent snorkeling, but it had a little more surf than I like (read: any). The really good spot was these lava rocks that waves crashed into, so I was particularly nervous about that part.

We got our spots set up and headed out as a group. T stuck with me as I got started. (I really don’t like the snorkeling from shore. Getting in with the fins and the waves is not my favorite.) But once we got going, it was pretty nice. Jenn was out on the stand-up paddleboard, so I had someplace to hold on to if I got nervous. I never worked up the nerve to get to the “good part” but there was plenty to see in an area that was calmer. It wasn’t quite as clear as the other spots, but it was still pretty amazing. There was more colorful coral and a ton of fish, so I was really glad I went out.

Then it was a little beach loafing time while the others finished snorkeling, etc. This view never gets old:

UmbrellaViewBut we couldn’t lounge all day, there was poke to acquire. This time we got to the market an hour and a half earlier than yesterday and they were almost out of everything except for the spicy tuna. I cleared out the other two kinds that were left and T got some amazing smoked marlin. Super delicious. We headed back to the beach. Beach poke!

BeachPoke TbeachPokeWe spent the rest of the day at the beach. Reading, napping, snorkeling for some. It was heaven. At one point, a baby humpback whale breached over and over, right in front of us. But eventually, all good things come to an end and the clouds started rolling in:

CloudsRollinWe’d done pretty well on our Costco food, but there was still quite a bit of alcohol left. This sounds like a job for Cards Against Humanity!


CAH1David hadn’t played before, but he caught on pretty quickly:

CAH2aAs usual, the game was inappropriate, but so hilarious!

CAH-erin2 CAH2After many, many adult beverages, there was dinner and lots of laughter. After that, things are a little fuzzy… The only thing sadder than the fact it was our last night in Lanai was the fact that Bryan and Jenn had an early flight in the morning. Poor things…


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