Shipwreck beach adventure


Bear with me because this is going to be a long post. But the good news is that there are many pretty pictures! Erin & David had another dive trip planned, so the rest of us were going to rent a Jeep and go see the other side of the island. Unfortunately, the folks that rented the Jeeps had other ideas and told us the roads were still too muddy/underwater. We’d been told not to drive the PT Cruiser on those roads, but David thought we’d be able to drive partway and hike the rest, so we decided to chance it.

We fueled up with coffee in Lanai City and headed out for Shipwreck Beach. I still can’t wrap my head around how remote this island is:

LanaiRoads LanaiRoads2We reached the dirt road and it looked pretty passable, so we decided to take a chance. There was another couple who had managed to rent a Jeep, so we followed them:

FollowingJeepWe went through a scary section, but finally called it when we saw this:

NoGoRoadWe walked to the beach and then realized we were way far away from the part that we’d come to see. (Shipwreck beach is named for the WWII destroyer that is about a mile offshore.) We did see some cool trees, but we were on a mission:

CoolTreesOn the way back out, we had Jenn tackle the scary gap minus the rest of our weight and cheered victoriously when she made it:

HuckingGapsWe parked in an area that was clearly intended for the non-four-wheel drive vehicles and headed out on foot, this time in the correct direction:

ShipwreckBeachSignThe walk was muddy in places, hot in others, but otherwise pretty pleasant:

HikingWe arrived on a completely empty, gorgeous beach and walked in the direction we believed the wreck to be. Before long we spotted it in the distance:


iPhone zoomed in version:Shipwreck2As we walked, we saw (and heard) some whales breaching on the horizon. There was a mom and baby, breaching and then slapping their pectoral fins on the water. It was like they were waving at us. But even more amazing was having this beautiful beach all to ourselves:

WalkingBackWe were all getting hungry, so we headed back to Lanai City for some lunch. The view from the road was so lovely, I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos from the car. We could see both Maui and Molokai across the water (I believe Maui is visible here):

ViewFromAboveEventually we could see the colorful corrugated metal houses of Lanai City:

LanaiCityIt’s hard to quantify how small this town is. It’s basically a city park bordered by some small shops that are… quirky. Case in point, the Dis n Dat store:

CuteNashI’d hoped to get some poke at the Poke Market that I’d heard was good, but alas it was closed. But we had a good sandwich on the porch of another place and chilled out for a bit. Then we headed back to the house to hear about Erin & David’s dive adventure (they were the only ones on the boat and saw dolphins swimming up close.) Then we sampled a different beach umbrella view down by the Four Seasons pool:

PoolUmbrellaThen it was time to get cleaned up for dinner. We decided to go out to the restaurant at the Hotel Lanai, so everyone could get dressed up in their tropical best. While we were waiting for others to finish getting ready, T danced a cocktail over to me, resulting in the greatest photo I have ever put on Instagram:

DancingTSeriously, the best picture EVER! Erin lent Jenn & I fun necklaces and then we took photos on the lawn. Look how colorful everyone is:

ColorfulGirlsEven the boys got gussied up:

DressyMens(I like how T is rocking the basic black.) We took the Four Seasons shuttle to Hotel Lanai (and confirmed that we are NOT Four Seasons material… ) but it was nice not having to squish into the PT Cruiser. The Hotel Lanai is very charming and down to earth. We started with a little bubbly. Cheers!

CheersThe food was delicious and it was a great time. There was a couple making out at the corner table that was grossing Bryan out (who unfortunately was facing their direction.) I couldn’t resist using M’s sneaky “fake selfie” trick to get a picture:

MakeoutCoupleThankfully, they’d mellowed out a little bit, or this blog might have lost it’s PG-13 rating, ha ha! All of the food was delicious and we indulged in some epic deserts, most impressive was T’s chocolate chip cookie that came in a tiny cast iron skillet!

GiantCookieWhile waiting for the shuttle, we couldn’t resist talking about the make-out couple. Erin & David couldn’t resist a little re-enactment for our amusement:

ErinDavidMakeoutWe had a merry shuttle ride home. (Probably more merry than the other passengers would have liked, but TFB!) David got the driver to drop us off at the top of the hill and we walked back to our house in the dark, starry night. We saw a little bullfrog and Jenn wanted to get a photo. David had a headlamp with him, so he helped with the lighting:

FrogPhotoShe did get a beautiful picture of the frog though:

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 9.45.01 PMWhile it was probably our busiest day on Lanai, it was so much fun.

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