Balancing act


The sun came out and we decided to hit the beach. The house had a stand-up paddleboard and a surfboard. We couldn’t find any bungee cords, so we took them down to the beach, Hawaiian-style:

PTcruiserYet another crappy day at the crowded beach:

FSbeach1The Four Seasons does a very sweet set-up:

BeachSetupI spent quite a lovely amount of time looking at this view.

UmbrellaViewEvery now and then, a Four Seasons employee would come by with ice water or little hors d’oeuvres to snack on. It was sublime. After a few hours, we headed back to the house for a little lunch. I was feeling like a little exercise after all of the lounging, but not ambitious enough for a run, so I talked T into a very mellow hike up to Sweetheart Rock, which was the muddy trail we’d started on during our run.

SHhikeOverviewT kept an eye out for whales and dolphins:

ThikingSomeone had added some romance to the trail:

HikingLoveThe views kept getting better and better:

SHhikeView1 SHhikeView2 SHhikeView3

Sweetheart rock:
SweetheartRockCool geological marker:

GeologicalMarkerI really like when you can hike in sandals:

HikingAttireThe view went on forever:

SHhikeView4When we got back, we hung out for a little while. Erin and David had gone on an outing into Lanai City, so the rest of us decided to go see if we could get a better view of the sunset. There was a big golf course between us and a west-ward facing view, so we took a little shortcut. We didn’t see anyone else, but it still felt very rebellious to walk on the green:

SunsetChasingThere was a great view of our earlier hike:

HikeViewWe never got a clear view of the sunset itself, but just to the left was pretty nice:

Sunset2I looked over to see this. The sunset is well-represented on social media:

DocumentingJenn & Bryan made a magnificent steak dinner with grilled asparagus and some more of the purple sweet potatoes. I think we’re starting to get the hang of this whole vacation thing.





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