Rainy day, Lanai-style


We woke up to pouring rain again, but this time it seemed to be sticking around. We had a nice breakfast and lazed around for a bit. I took a picture of the lanai and made a rainy lanai in Lanai joke on Instagram:

RainyLanaiAfter a while, T and I decided to go out for a run/walk to explore our surroundings. After Maui, Lanai is a whole new level of remote:

LanaiTrafficThis is the closest thing we saw to traffic:

LanaiTraffic2The rain had tapered off, but it was really humid. So, we ran downhill and on flat and walked anything with an upward direction. We went to look at the beach, I appreciated the one intrepid soul that was determined to enjoy their beach time:

RainyBeachThere was a trail along one side that we walked on for a little while, until it got too muddy. There were lots of lava rock and a nice view of the island:

BeachViewI don’t know what T was actually doing in this picture, but it looks like he’s giving a speech to the ocean:

ToddOrationOur house was right next to the Four Seasons resort (it’s actually a part of their property), so we took a short-cut back through the resort. As expected, it was beautiful and fancy. I saw a Hawaiian red-crested cardinal, which I have a photo of from my first trip to Hawaii at the age of 16. Then we saw a regular cardinal and I managed to get this great photo of it:

FScardinalLater that afternoon, we decided to check out Lanai City. On the drive there, the main road was lined with these oddly placed pine trees:

LanaiMainRoadTo call it a city is a massive overstatement, but Lanai City is a cute little town. Because it was Sunday, most shops were closed. Thankfully, the grocery store was open and we could get some tortillas to make fish tacos for dinner. (And reinforce our snack supply.) There was a whimsical sign outside one of the restaurants:

LCsignJenn & Bryan were arriving that evening, and we were getting text updates about the delayed/questionable nature of their flight. We made another lovely dinner and fired up the Oscars:

OscarsNightDavid was the least interested in the Oscars, so he got picked to go to the airport. Jenn & Bryan did make it and got to enjoy the tail end of our Oscar night, then we all headed to bed with the hopes of better weather in the morning.







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