A farewell to Maui


We woke up to a rainy morning, which was still beautiful:

RainyMaui(Thirty seconds after looking out here, I saw a turtle swim by. Followed by a whale on the horizon. Hawaii is ridiculous with it’s wildlife… )

The only problematic aspect of the rain was that we had to transport a lot of food and luggage onto a passenger ferry. We decided to bump up our departure time to an earlier slot. While looking up the number for the ferry, I noticed that there was a limit to two bags plus one carry-on per person before extra fees applied. Since that was pretty much what we had before the huge shopping trip to Costco, this could get ugly. We decided to consolidate all of our stuff down as much as we could, and actually did pretty well. The rented Ford Explorer was still comically full of stuff. And best of all, it stopped raining.

There was a location to return the rental car near the ferry dock, so the plan was to drop off the boys and all the stuff, then Erin & I would haul ass to return the car and get back to help load our crap. It was a bit stressful, to say the least. Thankfully, there was a free shuttle from the car rental place to the dock, so it was pretty quick and painless. (We also got to chat with a free diver, which was pretty interesting.) We got back with a few minutes to spare and watch the entertaining spectacle of people getting on the ferry. (Let’s just say, there was a wide range of folks heading to Lanai… )

Before long, we had everything loaded and were on our way. Bye bye, Maui:

FerryLeavingMauiWe saw tons of whales on the ride over, including one that kept breaching (jumping out of the water) multiple times. It was insanely awesome. Before we knew it, Lanai was in sight. You see the island for quite some time before you see any signs of human habitation, but eventually we saw this:

FerryArrivalLanaiThe folks who owned the house we were staying in had left the car for us, so I dashed up to get it while everyone else unloaded the stuff. Unfortunately, a PT Cruiser doesn’t fit as much as the Ford Explorer, so we had to make two trips. Erin & I chilled out with the rest of the stuff while the boys headed to the house:

ErinFerryWhen T came back to get us, he hinted at the house’s fanciness. This sign was the first clue, (Okay, the house’s location is the first clue… )

TerracesSignErin was kind enough to pose for me:

ErinHouseIt was quite the place. There was a ridiculous view of the ocean, with a giant stone/marble table and a strip of lawn to view it from.

LanaiBackyardIt was a very civilized place to have a cocktail:

LanaiCocktailOr maybe more than one… (j/k)

PartyTAfter all of the stresses of getting there, it was so nice to be able to kick back, relax and take in the beautiful surroundings. We made a delicious dinner with a fantastic grilled ahi, asparagus and these dark purple Hawaiian sweet potatoes, all courtesy of Costco. So far, part two of the vacation was pretty awesome.



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