Adventures at sea


We’d made arrangements to accompany Erin & David on their dive boat excursion and do some more snorkeling. The downside was that it meant getting up early (well, and to be honest, I was a little nervous about the snorkeling after yesterday’s outing… ) But we set an alarm and got to the dock with plenty of time to spare. It reminded me a little bit of pre-race, with the nerves and the check-in process et al. But before we knew it, we were heading out to sea:

LeavingHarborOur first destination was Molokini, but we saw a bunch of humpback whales, who come to Hawaii to give birth and then recuperate for their migration back to Alaska. We came very close to a mama with a tiny baby, which was INSANE. Some of the divers were grumbling about our stopping to look at whales, but the general consensus with the boat captain and a lot of us was: TFB (Too F***-ing Bad.) It was incredible. Meanwhile, the Molokini crater went from this:


To this:Molokini1To docking in the crater:

Molokini2We let all of the divers go out first and then it was T, myself and another guy snorkeling. I was nervous, but the captain was basically like “Look down” and I put my face in the water and it was like a beautiful aquarium. I immediately relaxed and enjoyed the view. I’d bought a waterproof case for my old iPhone, but I couldn’t really see the photos while I was taking them, so most of my photos looked like this:

MolokiniExample2 MolokiniExample1 MolokiniExample3Although that last was a pretty accurate photo of what the water looked like when you looked away from the crater – crazy beautiful wall of blue.

T took our old waterproof digital camera and got some great pictures:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(The picture that I’m taking here did not come out at all, unfortunately.)

It was so beautiful to just float there looking at the fish and coral. There was so much to see, it was crazy. We could even see Erin & David down below, diving. Far more enjoyable than my last experience. But eventually, it was time to come in and head out to the next spot. Ironically, it was pretty close to where we’d snorkeled the day before, just further out. As we were pulling into our spot, there were a few honu (Hawaiian green sea turtles) bobbing on the surface.

Right out of the gate, T pointed one out to me, nestled in the coral on the bottom. He eventually decided to leave his little hiding spot and T got some great pictures of him:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere weren’t as many fish at this spot, but the coral was beautiful. I saw another turtle a little while later and followed him around for a bit. It was just fun to feel so comfortable bobbing around in the ocean, looking at fish. It was a totally different perspective than my usual open water swimming. (And if I had all of this stuff to look at, I’d do a lot more open-water practice.)

Afterward, we got back into the boat and headed back to shore. We had the captain take a group picture of us before taking off: BoatPhoto(I particularly like how T looks like he’s naked in this picture. He’s not, btw… )

We saw a few more whales on the way back, but not nearly as many. It had also clouded up quite a bit, so we decided that it was probably also harder to see them. We got back to harbor safe and sound and while I  was in the restroom, T made a new friend:

TandFriendT really wanted to keep him, but he seemed pretty happy with his Hawaiian lifestyle.

We headed back to the condo for a simple dinner from stuff we had in the condo and some poke that Erin & David had picked up when they were returning their tanks. All of us were happy, but definitely a little tired from the day’s activities.



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