Second day of paradise


Thanks to the time change, both T and I were up early. We decided to go for a walk on the beach while Erin & David were still sleeping. It was a beautiful morning and there weren’t a ton of folks on the beach. We saw a stand-up paddle board yoga class and some runners, but it was mostly other folks strolling along.

MorningBeachWe ended up walking for quite a while, all the way to the swanky Wailea section. As we headed into their beaches, I saw this sign. I like the implications of it – if you’re rich enough, you need to be told that the ocean is still dangerous. Plus, you might encounter the poor people. 😉

BeachSignSomeone summed up my feelings on the moment quite perfectly:

BeachHeartWe met a nice beach cat at one of the resorts:

BeachCatI was impressed by the diversity of beach features. We passed a really cool part with lava and potential tide pools:

LavaBeachAlas, there was nothing cool enough to venture further onto the lava barefoot. But it was very pretty. We got back to the condo just as Erin & David were waking up. We whipped up some breakfast and planned our activities for the day. First on the agenda, a shore dive for Erin & David while T and I did our first attempt at snorkeling. Unfortunately, while we were securing tanks for their dive, the wind really picked up. Which made my initial foray into snorkeling a little more stressful than I would have liked. At one point, I found myself much further out in the ocean than I expected and I had a full scale panic attack where my brain basically started having a conversation with itself:

Brain half 1: OMG! I’m going to drown!!!
Brain half 2: Dude, you can swim. If you drown right now, you’re a freaking moron.
BH1: But I’m SCARED!!! And I can’t breathe in this snorkel!!
BH2: Just take the stupid thing off and swim back to shore.
BH2: I’m outta here…
***random doggy paddle/whimpering
BH2: Hey, genius. Why don’t you flip on your back and just kick (with those giant fins) for a while? Do you think you can manage that?
BH1: That’s a great idea. (does)
BH1: So much better! I can breathe and I’m making progress!

I did manage to see some fish and coral, but on the whole, I can’t say it was super fun. Hopefully, the trip we’d already booked (and paid for) to Molokini tomorrow would be better.

After the great snorkeling fail, T and I got ourselves cleaned up and headed out to Mama’s Fish House (the other place on my list to go in Maui.) I’ve heard a lot about how great this place is, and I must say it did not disappoint. Everything about it was amazing, starting with the view from the parking lot:

PLviewThe service is amazing. You check in and then walk through a gorgeous pathway past the pretty restaurant:

MamasExteriorWe had a five minute wait (without reservations) so I had T take my picture on the outrigger that was parked in the courtyard area

M_outboardBefore we knew it, we were being seated. Our waiter was fantastic, the perfect blend of competent and personality. We were in the bar area, but he made it feel just as special as the tables with the better view. T ordered a mai tai at his recommendation:

MaiTaiT(And the waiter was right, it was the best mai tai I’ve ever had… Delicious!) We had plenty of time to contemplate our selections without feeling like we were being ignored. I also enjoyed the ambience:

MamasMenuAt one point, the waiter brought over this incredible fresh flower lei, which smelled heavenly. He didn’t do it for all the tables, so I felt very special:


We started with a delicious ahi poke dish:

PokeAppThen we moved on to our main courses. On the menu, they tell you the name of the person who caught your fish and where they caught it. Like a Maui version of Portlandia’s Colin the chicken sketch.

MamasMCAnd we got a beautiful banana crisp with a macadamia nut crust for desert.

MamasDesertIt was such a fantastic meal. Everything about it was wonderful: the food, the service and the ambience. En route to the bathroom, I couldn’t resist snapping this shot of the interior:

MamasInteriorIt’s hard to tell from the picture, but there are propellers on the ceiling and on the columns. It was impressive that they could have so much personality in the decor and still maintain an elegant dining experience. Even the parking lot had a nice quirky tiki:

ParkingLotTikiAfterward, we headed back to the condo and chilled out for a while. As the sun started to set, we decided to watch the show from the downstairs lanai, since the view from our condo wasn’t that great 😉

CondoSunsetMuch better:


A drunk couple from Calgary came and sat near us, which sort of killed the romance. Then the sun disappeared behind a weird stripe of clouds, so we didn’t get the full sunset experience, but it was still pretty nice.Sunset2


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