Mega pre-Christmas weekend


As Christmas gets closer, the workplace gets a little more wacky. We took a trip to City Target during our lunch hour and discovered the wonders of the dollar section:
MyHat OfficeHijinksIn order to celebrate Christmas with the family, we had to do a tightly scheduled weekend down in Oregon. First stop, Salem and getting the boy his Christmas present:

T-NewBikeI was hoping to pull off a big surprise, but stupid T and his uncanny ability to guess his presents ruined that. He still loved the bike and I’ll look foward to seeing it in the distance when we ride this summer. Otherwise, we hung out with Susan and the dogs:

SusanLolaIn addition to the usual pack, she was also watching a friends dog named Sadie. I tried to take a picture of Sadie, but she insisted on a group shot:

SelfieSadieI got out for a run, part of which went through the cemetery:

GraveyardRunSalem remains it’s usual whimsical self:

Inappropriate SusanSantaAnd, of course, there were presents:

SusanGiftSusan put one of my presents in this vintage Hermes box, which Lola helped make extra special:

HermesBoxWe had a lovely time hanging out with Susan, but had to hit the road for Family Christmas #2. We took my Mom out for lunch in Portland and then donuts at Blue Star:

MomDonutAnd of course there were more dogs to hang out with, well… mostly Bingley:

BingleyBoxHe’s still chock full of personality:

MomBingleyWally was pretty content to spend his time lounging on this cushy bed:

WallyBedPre-dinner hijinks:

KitchenHijinksThen more presents and hanging out. It was a bit of a whirlwind, but we had a very good time. The next morning, Bingley had to bid a tearful farewell to his new best friend T:

BingleyToddKissNo, they’re not making out – Bingley just likes to put his face really close to T for some reason…

BingleyToddKiss2Then it was time to hit the road home. It was a great weekend, even if was a bit of a whirlwind.





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