Holiday preparations


With Thanksgiving falling so late this year, it already feels like we’re way behind schedule for Christmas. We had to get into the holiday spirit and fast!
MargaritasOkay, maybe that wasn’t the most effective way to get things done. The trip to Urban Craft Uprising wasn’t much more helpful. It was so insanely crowded that it was more frustrating than inspiring. We did see some very cute crocheted cacti:

UCU-cactiWe decided to save some time and just grab a tree at Whole Foods. It turned out to be a surprisingly good tree. T worked his magic with the lights and voila:

TreemasterWe even got artistic with some extra lights we had in the box:

PoMoFancinessThe house looked very pretty when we were all done:

XmasDecorWe capped the weekend off with some socializing over at M & J’s, hanging out with baby Rowan:

TandRowanM showed us one of Rowan’s presents. I love the “WTF is that thing?” look on Rowan’s face. That thing is pretty creepy.

WTFbabystyleOperation Christmas is well under way…


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