First birthday


It’s pretty hard to believe that a year ago, this little munchkin was just coming into the world.Rowanis1Of course, you can’t let a momentous occasion (M & J keeping that baby alive for a whole year) pass without a party! M did it up right with these awesome big balloons and a tiny little cake:

CakeI really can’t decide which one is cuter, the cake or M holding the cake:

McakeIt’s a shame we don’t remember our first birthdays because of sights like this:

BirthdayPaparazziI’m afraid she’s just going to have to get used to the paparazzi:

FamilyPortraitBut she seemed to enjoy herself, eating the raspberries off of her cake and eyeing the crazy grown-ups watching her eat cake and taking a million pictures.

RowanCakeHappy birthday, Ms. Rowan. I look forward to celebrating many more with you.

Best Christmas ever


As tiring as the mega-family Christmas weekends can be, they are great because not only does it feel like Christmas is a week long, but we get the big family celebration and the nice quiet one at home. We had fun social engagements, including having friends over for pittaha on Christmas eve. The boy threw down his usual amount of ridiculousness:

PittahaMontage  Plus, I got some great loot. New slippers from Susan:

NewSlippersWally scored a new mini replacement for his favorite stuffed pig that he finally managed to put a hole in, after four years of trusty service:

WallyMiniPigBut Erik and Nerissa definitely won Christmas this year. First, they had a pair of presents with a note for T to open one of them first, then me the other. T’s turned out to be an ice cream scoop and coupons for a couple of free pints. Mine was a lock for a pint of ice cream. So very rad.

IceCreamMedleyPlus these fantastic dishtowels:

DishtowelsBut the coup de grace was this t-shirt, which I think is pretty much the most hilarious thing ever (apologies to those offended by the c-word):

BestTshirtEverThey also got us a bunch of other thoughtful things, but these were the highlights.

T is pretty much having his best Christmas ever. Not only did he get that fantastic new bike <pats self on back> but our friends Bryan and Jenn asked him to babysit their Tesla. Pretty much T’s dream car. It’s very fancy:

Tesla2It’s got a huge screen that I’m pretty sure can do anything you want:


Even the door handles are fancy FFS:Tesla3


Mega pre-Christmas weekend


As Christmas gets closer, the workplace gets a little more wacky. We took a trip to City Target during our lunch hour and discovered the wonders of the dollar section:
MyHat OfficeHijinksIn order to celebrate Christmas with the family, we had to do a tightly scheduled weekend down in Oregon. First stop, Salem and getting the boy his Christmas present:

T-NewBikeI was hoping to pull off a big surprise, but stupid T and his uncanny ability to guess his presents ruined that. He still loved the bike and I’ll look foward to seeing it in the distance when we ride this summer. Otherwise, we hung out with Susan and the dogs:

SusanLolaIn addition to the usual pack, she was also watching a friends dog named Sadie. I tried to take a picture of Sadie, but she insisted on a group shot:

SelfieSadieI got out for a run, part of which went through the cemetery:

GraveyardRunSalem remains it’s usual whimsical self:

Inappropriate SusanSantaAnd, of course, there were presents:

SusanGiftSusan put one of my presents in this vintage Hermes box, which Lola helped make extra special:

HermesBoxWe had a lovely time hanging out with Susan, but had to hit the road for Family Christmas #2. We took my Mom out for lunch in Portland and then donuts at Blue Star:

MomDonutAnd of course there were more dogs to hang out with, well… mostly Bingley:

BingleyBoxHe’s still chock full of personality:

MomBingleyWally was pretty content to spend his time lounging on this cushy bed:

WallyBedPre-dinner hijinks:

KitchenHijinksThen more presents and hanging out. It was a bit of a whirlwind, but we had a very good time. The next morning, Bingley had to bid a tearful farewell to his new best friend T:

BingleyToddKissNo, they’re not making out – Bingley just likes to put his face really close to T for some reason…

BingleyToddKiss2Then it was time to hit the road home. It was a great weekend, even if was a bit of a whirlwind.





Holiday preparations


With Thanksgiving falling so late this year, it already feels like we’re way behind schedule for Christmas. We had to get into the holiday spirit and fast!
MargaritasOkay, maybe that wasn’t the most effective way to get things done. The trip to Urban Craft Uprising wasn’t much more helpful. It was so insanely crowded that it was more frustrating than inspiring. We did see some very cute crocheted cacti:

UCU-cactiWe decided to save some time and just grab a tree at Whole Foods. It turned out to be a surprisingly good tree. T worked his magic with the lights and voila:

TreemasterWe even got artistic with some extra lights we had in the box:

PoMoFancinessThe house looked very pretty when we were all done:

XmasDecorWe capped the weekend off with some socializing over at M & J’s, hanging out with baby Rowan:

TandRowanM showed us one of Rowan’s presents. I love the “WTF is that thing?” look on Rowan’s face. That thing is pretty creepy.

WTFbabystyleOperation Christmas is well under way…