Saturday sight-seeing


We finally had a day to do whatever we wanted. First, we slept in, made a nice breakfast at home and had a lazy morning. Then we figured out what we wanted to do with the day. We knew we wanted to take Nerissa to the Chihuly Glass museum (which was convenient, since that was the only thing on her itinerary for the visit. Huzzah!) Since T had done an event there, he strongly recommended that we go in the evening when it was dark. So, we added the Experience Music Project to our afternoon, since T and I hadn’t been and it seemed like a fun combo.

The EMP is basically a repository for Paul Allen’s crazy crap. They had a lot of different exhibits with various kinds of memorabilia. There was a Sci-Fi exhibit where I got a fun picture of T next to one of the “villains” from one of his favorite shows (Dr. Who, for those not fluent in nerd culture):

TDalekAnd there was this cool screen where some sort of data visualization software added various features to shadow puppet shapes. (For example, any closed shape turned into an eyeball.) It was awesome:

ShadowThing2 ShadowThingThe centerpiece of the main gallery was this guitar cyclone:

GuitarTreeThere was an awesome exhibit on horror/scary movies. As I was taking this picture, a man and his kids were walking by and one of the kids asked what this was from:

AlienAnd he replied “Terminator.” <facepalm>

We decided we could use a little snack between museums, but first everyone had to pose for a quick photo.

EMPgroupWe had a nice snack at the Armory and then it was off to the Chihuly museum. After the millions of pictures that I shared in this post, I’ll spare you a repeat of that. Nerissa loves colored glass and is a big fan of Chihuly’s work, so it was really fun to go to the museum with her:

NerissaGlassCeilingShe took this great shot of Erik, T and I:

GlassMuseumGroup And I got a nice shot of her and Erik admiring the ceiling:ErikNerissaGlassCeiling Which Erik then had to ruin with his face. 😉ErikGlassMuseumBut of course I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of the sculptures:

BWChihuly ChihulyBowls2 ChihulyBowlsAnd then we headed outside to the garden part. My camera doesn’t do too well in the dark, but I liked this photo. I really wish I knew who this couple was, this is a great picture of them:

MysteryCoupleT was quite right, the best time to see the museum is at night. The sculpture is so beautiful all lit up and the Space Needle glowing up above is particularly magical. On a cloudy night, we learned that the Space Needle projects his own shadow onto the clouds. It’s super cool:

SpaceNeedleShadowsFinally, it was time to head off to dinner. We had given Erik & Nerissa a choice of restaurants that we had either tried and loved or wanted to try and they’d selected Agrodolce, a southern Italian restaurant that we’d heard was good and wanted to try. It’s always fun to go out with Erik & Nerissa. Starting with the cute couple photos:

ErikNerissa-Agrodolce TandI-AgrodolceWe went to town on that menu and ordered much delicious food. Somehow, I ended up with three adult beverages:

TresCocktailsPlus, there were creepy marionettes hanging from the ceiling. What’s not to like about that?

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