A fair to remember


One of my favorite outings is the Oregon State Fair. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to make the trip down (I’m marking it on my calendar for next year, seriously!) So, we decided to check out the closer Washington State Fair down in Puyallup. I can’t say it’s as awesome as the Oregon one, but we still managed to have a good time. We started off with the animals, which are always my favorite part of the fair. Especially the horses:

SF_DraftHorsesI like walking through the barns, it’s like getting to visit a different world:

SF_HorseThere’s horse bling:

SF_HorseBlingAnd awesome nicknames:

SF_MrSexyWe popped into the arena to watch the draft horse team exhibit. They had a team of Shetland ponies in the line-up, which were definitely a highlight:

SF_PonyTeamMy one big complaint about the Washington vs. Oregon State fairs is that there weren’t as many events. In Oregon, they have all sorts of competitive events, so you get to see more of the horses out in the arena, as opposed to just in the stables. We moved on to the other animals, such as the 4-H dogs:

SF_Dog-4HI was surprised by how chill most of the dogs were with all of the people milling around. Lets just say that Wally wouldn’t excel in this environment…

SF_SleepyDogsAnd of course, we had to visit the piglets:

SF_PigsAnd were treated to another reminder that farm kids have a very different fair experience than the tourists.

SF_FairKidI liked the name they gave the midway:


And this sign:

SF_DuhAnd no visit to the fair is complete without something deep fried. (Too bad it was from the unfortunately named Krusty Pup.) Cheers!

SF_CheersThe boy has been pretty strict with his diet lately, so I think he was pretty excited for a little splurge:

SF_TWe wisely passed on the opportunity to eat here:

SF_Yikes(My favorite part is the slogan on the side: “Eat like you live here” WTF?)

Another highlight of the fair experience are the random exhibits and giant vegetables. Here, Puyallup really brought their A-Game. They had the requisite giant pumpkins:

SF_GiantPumpkinAnd then some sort of “Creepy Mannequin” contest:

SF_CreepyGuy2This one should have gotten the blue ribbon:

SF_CreepyGuyImpressive dahlias:

SF_FlowersAnd a pig made of flowers, because why not?

SF_FlowerPigThen we wandered into Hobby Hall, where we could get our butts kicked at cribbage by old guys:

SF_CribbageTimeAn amazing replica of the Space Needle made out of minerals:

SF_SpaceNeedleAnd then a couple of rooms full of people’s weirdo collections. There’s something special about people who collect raccoons:


Or moose:

Or Alf?SF_Collection3

And of course, the clowns… (shudder)

SF_CloseUpAfter all of that crazy, we needed a snack. So we picked one of the many scone lines to stand in. The “State Fair Scone” is a tradition that T introduced me to, and I must say, it’s a tasty one. The place we picked had genuine old ladies on the assembly line, so we knew we were in good hands:

SF_SconeMontageWe even got to see the machinery that cuts the dough into uniform balls. It was cool. We also enjoyed wandering into the Cowboy museum, complete with real cowboys!

SF_CowboyMontageThey were painting and signing autographs, it was quite something. Speaking of a piece of history, I couldn’t resist photographing this replica of a bygone era:

SF_OldTimeT and I debated which item they were least likely to have – aspirin or film.

There was some quality artwork at the fair, starting with this sign:


The obligatory Pacific Northwest woodcarver:SF_Sasquatch

I couldn’t stand to spend much time in the “Infomercial Areas” but this sign did beg for a WTF picture:SF_Huh And, if the crowds were driving you nuts, here’s a place where you could catch a break. Plus free water and literature!SF_PopularOn the whole, we had a good time. Gotta love a cultural excursion.












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