Labor Day weekend hijinks


Before all of the George stuff, we’d made plans to spend Labor Day weekend with Erin and David. Then T had to work, then George wasn’t doing well, and so it ended up being just me going. (I’m really hoping the pattern of solo trips to Prosser + pet illness/death is over!)

I do have to say, that a visit to Prosser was just what the doctor ordered. If I could package up a weekend with Erin & David, I’d make a million dollars. It’s the perfect combination of good food, relaxation, riding bikes through beautiful countryside, not to mention tons of great conversation and laughter. Let’s start with the fact that after sitting in horrendous traffic for many hours, Erin greeted me with this:

tastyBeverageWe had a nice dinner outside and enjoyed the antics of these two clowns:

DougLuckyThe next morning I went for a ride with Erin and her friend Carrie. The scenery was terrible as usual:

RideSceneryMontage RideScenery

And of course, the company was just as awful… 😉

RidingBudsWe got home and Erin whipped up a delicious lunch:

FrittataThen we whipped up a pitcher of margaritas and headed over to Carrie’s place to lounge by the pool. When I went to snap a picture of the gorgeous pool, I inadvertently caught the beginning of a hilarious scene:


Erin put out a nice blanket that one of the dogs really appreciated:

Pool2She really didn’t want to leave…


Pool4(I like that Scooby brought over his toy to help… ) Eventually Erin reclaimed her blanket and chair and we spent a relaxing couple of hours out in the sunshine.

Umbrella(Artsy umbrella shot brought to you by two margaritas… )

Then it was back home for a little catnap and get ready to go to Tiffany’s bachelorette party. Instead of the usual penis-themed debauchery, this was a nice dinner on a patio in the Tri-Cities. Funny side note: Tiffany is marrying a man that she started dating shortly after the Pig & Pyre that T and I went to last year. She looks so happy and it was a great evening.

The next morning, we went for another bike ride, this time with David. It was a nice easy ride through the same crappy scenery. I couldn’t get over the smell of the vineyards. Some of them smell so strongly that they are almost fake, like grape bubble gum. While we were riding, we saw an old man and a boy walking sheep. I tried to get a picture, but I think my stopping agitated the sheep. (The old guy was none too amused looking either, so I grabbed this surreptitious shot and headed off:

SheepBoyAfter the ride, David headed out to do a little more work and Erin & I lounged for a bit and then went to lunch at Wine O’Clock. Sunny dining on the patio, what more could you want?

WoC_patio2 WoC_patioHow about a flight of wine with lunch?

WineOclockWe decided that if we started drinking at lunch, we were just going to have to keep it up until dinner, so we relaxed in Erin’s living room with another glass (or two… maybe three… ) This might explain why I found Lucky’s window antics so picture worthy:

LuckyWindow1 LuckyWindow2(Seriously, I have a bunch of pictures of this… )

We ended the evening with a dinner at a local winery, where we sat at a table with some other lovely friends of Erin and David. More food, great wine and pleasant conversation ensued. (Seriously, this weekend was ridiculous!)

On Monday morning, we actually had a little labor to do. Erin & David are on the plant watering committee and had to water the hanging flower baskets downtown. Unfortunately, this had to be done very early in the morning because there was a parade. But I can honestly say, it was worth it to get up at dawn to get to ride around in a big city truck and water plants:

WateringMontageWhen we got back, we were noticing that Bandit was having trouble peeing. Erin had lost a cat to a blockage, so she was very aware of the symptoms and potential consequences. We hustled him off to the emergency vet, but thankfully he didn’t have a blockage and she had antibiotics to start him on at home, so it was actually a very reasonably priced visit. Then it was time for me to hit the road home. Traffic was a bit backed up, but not as bad as the trip out.

Such an excellent weekend. I’m so grateful to Erin and David for all of their hospitality. Hopefully, next time T will be able to join in the fun!

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