Big fun Saturday


While I was in the midst of training, I vowed that after the race we were going to do fun summer stuff. T had been given a pass for a free Argosy cruise for two, so we decided to go ahead and redeem it. The forecast was a bit mixed, but we decided to risk it. Here was our view as we waited to leave the dock:

StartFlagBut look how sunny this self-portrait is:

BoatSelfie(Not to mention how cute my hair is!)

We had the lower front deck all to ourselves for the most part, so it was pretty relaxing. There were all kinds of boats out on the water:


We saw a whole bunch of Duck tour boats, which look very improbable when you see them actually out in the water:
DuckBoatT held my coffee and let me take his picture. What a good sport!

ToddBoatWe got to pass under a couple of bridges. It was cool to look up and see the cars driving overhead.

BridgeAs we headed into Lake Washington, we passed by the 520 bridge and all of the construction cranes:

CraneWe got to see Bill Gates palatial estate and where Howard Schultz lives (sort of, it’s pretty hidden by trees.) It’s a pretty interesting way to see Seattle. At one point, the tour guide took a break from her non-stop monologue and wandered out to say hi to the passengers. She offered to take a picture of T & I, which I really appreciated:

OnABoat1In the channel between Lake Washington & Lake Union some of the University of Washington crew members have taken to painting signs on the cement sides of the canal:

Channel Writing2 WritingIt was fun to see all of the various slogans and trash talk.

Gasworks park looked beautiful from the water. It was full of folks enjoying the sunshine, including some people flying kites:

GasworksWe had a great view of the city skyline as we came back to the dock:

ComingInWe had a great time. My only gripe with the Argosy experience is that they directed us to a parking lot that they validated for, but apparently that required a parking attendant to work. There was no attendant, so we ended up paying three times as much for parking as we should have (or would have if we’d parked in one of the many street spots right next to it.) A small thing, but annoying. (Dear Argosy, please fix that. I’d have been furious if I’d actually paid full-price for my cruise!)

We had plans to hang out with J & M, who we haven’t seen since our trip down to California. I’ve missed them terribly and it was good to see this little munchkin!

RowanShe chilled on the grass with me and Uncle T while her parents finished up some stuff in the house:

Rowan-TAnd then M joined us for some backyard lounging while J made a fantastic dinner.

It was a great evening: yummy food, delicious wine and super cute baby fashion. Look at this tiny cardigan! (M & I both really like the baby pockets. What are they going to put in there?)



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