Winding down


We had the house until Wednesday morning, but decided to have a leisurely breakfast and head into San Francisco for the day before spending the night with Erik & Nerissa. (Trying to get to Oakland from wine country seemed stressful… ) We had a little business to take care of (pack up the bike, get a shipping box to check our wine on the plane, etc.) so we didn’t end up leaving until noon. Our first order of business was lunch at In-n-Out, naturally. Then we crossed over the Golden Gate bridge to meet up with a friend I’ve known since my SF State days, Juliet. I made T take some pictures of the bridge as we were driving, because that’s what a dedicated blogger I am!

GGB-1 GGB-2 GGB-3 GGB-4As you can see, late-July in San Francisco is chilly! (And don’t bust out that Mark Twain quote to a local, they’ll punch you in the face. Mostly because it’s true… )

Juliet was house sitting in the Presidio, which is a really cool neighborhood in SF. (It was still a military base when I was in college, that’s how old I am… ) It has this cool small town feeling to it, with cool old houses tucked into a eucalyptus grove:

Presidio2 PresidioThe house Juliet was watching was lovely – a perfect combination of designer and comfortable. She was babysitting a little boy, who put up with our chit-chat very patiently. We walked with her to take him home, which gave us the opportunity to see the coolest fountain of all time (if you’re a nerd):

YodaFountainThe jokes for the caption pretty much write themselves.

It was so great to catch up with Juliet. We were roommates in college, backpacked through Europe together and had various other adventures together. She’s one of those friends that we can just resume conversation regardless of how long it’s been since last we spoke. I think we would have gabbed the whole evening away, but unfortunately we had to hit the road.

Traffic was it’s usual charming self leaving SF, but once we got over the bridge it was relatively painless. (I think we actually spent as much time going the ~mile to get out of the city as we did the entire rest of the trip. Lame!) We had a lovely evening with Erik & Nerissa, drinking fabulous wine and enjoying a casual dinner at their place.

I was nervous about negotiating all of our luggage/rental car return but we sailed through that craziness. (T had the genius idea of taking the rental to Skycap and checking our bags in before returning the car. It was amazingly awesome.) We did the same thing on the other end, with him going to baggage claim and me going to get the car, so no shuttle negotiation with way too much crap was required. Booyah! We celebrated our return home with some adult refreshment:

BeveragesT spoke highly of the beer (it was a little hoppy for my palate) and while we’d had a fantastic time, it was good to be home.

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