Monday fun day


Everyone was heading out on Monday morning, so it was just going to be T & I. We had breakfast with Heidi and the girls before they hit the road and then decided to go check out Armstrong Woods. Because it was Monday morning, we had the place mostly to ourselves. We stuck to the easy flat trail, as I was still pretty slow moving (and my pinky toes felt like they’d been hit with a hammer.) It was peaceful and gorgeous:

Redwoods2RedwoodMontage Redwoods1Redwoods3 Redwoods6 Redwoods5 Redwoods4We were planning to meet up with the Cyclones in Napa for dinner, so we decided that we’d basically just do a leisurely drive out there – do some wine tasting, grab some lunch and enjoy the day. We made an appointment to taste at a winery that Erik had recommended, who’s wine we’d tried at dinner. We got lunch at a place Nerissa had recommended:

DryCreekGSIt was exactly the sort of place you expect to find in wine country. Filled with cute vintagey things that white people like:

PlanterThey had yummy sandwiches, although the customer service was lackluster at best. T spied this display of antique rolling pins and was scandalized at the price:

RollingPinsI thought $1250.00 was a bargain, but apparently not! 😉 While I was waiting to pay for our lunch, I spied someone drinking a Pliny the Elder – a beer that’s very rare in our neck of the woods and is supposed to be a big deal. I pointed it out to T and he sprinted to find one. Success! He was pretty psyched. We ate our lunch in adirondack chairs looking at this terrible scenery. Life is rough!

SceneryProperly fueled, we headed to Acorn. The scenery was also quite terrible:




BarrelsThey also had this amazing handicapped parking space marker:

FunnyParkingThe wines were spectacular. We added to our excessive amount of luggage by buying four bottles. Should you find yourself in the Russian River valley, I HIGHLY recommend making an appointment to taste with them.

We then went to Foppiano, a winery we used to visit when we lived in the Bay Area that was known for their inexpensive but excellent sirah. They still specialized in sirah, but they had a new winemaker who was doing some cool stuff with it. It was fun to visit someplace we’d been before. I didn’t remember this train car, but it had to have been there:

FoppianoThen we made our way over to Napa, enjoying the pretty day and lovely scenery. We met up with Mr. Cyclone at his office in St. Helena and chatted for a little bit, then continued on to Napa. Most of the tasting rooms were closed, but we got a text to meet Ms. Cyclone at her winery and she’d hook us up with a discount. (I wanted to get Erik a bottle of wine as a thank you for renting the house with us and being an awesome brother.) She let us taste a number of amazing wines and we got some GREAT bottles of wine. It was awesome.

Then we hung out at Casa Cyclone. They have two kids now, Bella (who we’d met last time we were down) was now almost four and baby Luke is a two year old bundle of energy. We drank wine in the backyard while the kids ran around. Then the men went off to pick up dinner and let the ladies catch up. It was so good to see them and I constantly marvel at how much our lives have changed since the NYC days. We got back a little late, but it was worth it.

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