And on the seventh day, they rested…


I had no idea what to expect when I went to bed after the race. Sometimes I don’t sleep well after the long races. My legs twitch and it’s like my brain can’t turn itself off after moving for that many hours. But I actually fell soundly asleep, woke up in the middle of the night to pee and then passed out dead asleep again. When I woke up, I was actually feeling pretty decent. My body was tired, but all things considered, I was pretty mobile. My stomach felt fine, except for being STARVING. Heidi and the girls were already up, so I hung out with them until everyone else got up.

We went out for a nice leisurely breakfast, (where I may have ordered two breakfasts) and then Heidi took the girls to see the redwoods at Armstrong Woods. The rest of us headed back to the house to find that M & J had arrived. Erik & Nerissa were heading home today, so M & J were taking their room to stay another night in wine country. Our big plans for the day were to hang around the house and play in the river with the girls. Luckily, we had bouncing baby Rowan to keep us company:

ErikRowan MRowanWe bid farewell to Erik & Nerissa and when Heidi and the girls returned from their redwoods adventures, it was time to hit the river. It took me quite a while, but I made it down the three flights of stairs to the dock. The house had a huge selection of inflatable rafts and inner tubes, so I brought one down with me. It was heaven to just be able to float in the cool water, occasionally kicking my legs to keep from floating downriver. T launched the kayaks at some point, so I switched from raft to kayak. I brought Kamryn into my kayak for a little river expedition:

KayakMeIt was really fun, even though I think Kamryn was disappointed by Auntie Michelle’s inability to go “Faster! Faster!!”:


Uncle T took her out for a spin:

TKayakAuntie Martha even got into the act, swimming from kayak to kayak after Kamryn dubbed her the sea monster. Hilarious. Eventually, she took over my kayak duties and they saw a buoy float shaped like a crocodile that Kamryn dubbed “the nicest crocodile she’d ever met.”

MeKenleyM-kayakIt was an excellent day on the water.

MeKamrynKayakWhile we docked the kayaks, Kenley showed us how lounging was done:

KenleyLoungesI was of course getting hungry again, so I talked T into walking (slowly) into town to get some lunch and replace my Starbucks cup that had gone missing the day before. It took a while, but it was nice to loosen up the legs. While we were there, I snapped this photo. It pretty much sums up what there is to do in Guerneville:

GuernevilleSignMy favorite part is that it’s in the parking lot of a different liquor store. We went to this ice cream place that also sold food. T had some sort of ice cream concoction, while I had such a decadent assortment of junk food – burger, cheese fries, root beer float. It was divine. Then we walked slowly back to the house. J was taking Rowan out for a walk so that M could nap, so the house was pretty quiet when we got back. Poor T needed a rest after all of that exertion, so he took a little couch nap:

TnapI chilled out with Heidi on the deck, while the girls played with chalk and bubbles. Somehow the game turned into some sort of variation on doctor where Kenley smeared her bubble wand onto my legs, then some Gogurt, then added some Winnie the Pooh bandaids and then shoved her fairy wand and chalk ice cream cone into the hem of my shorts as a reward for all of the “shots” I’d gotten. It kept her entertained and I got to sit with my legs outstretched, drinking a cold adult beverage. (Blackberry cider, FTW!)

GirlsDoctorIt was a pretty lazy afternoon, followed by an even lazier evening. We ordered a lackluster pizza because no one felt like cooking. Despite the so-so cuisine, it was still a lovely evening.






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