The adventure begins


The last few days were a blur of packing and getting things ready. But finally, the big day arrived and we were off to Northern California. The flight down was uneventful. There was a pretty view of Mt. Rainier and a little “mini me” mountain behind it that I took a picture of from the plane window:

PlaneWindowWe got into Oakland later than scheduled, so we ended up having a late dinner with Erik & Nerissa at a yummy Mexican place. Afterward, we chatted over a nice glass of wine before heading off to bed.

The next morning, we slept in and had a leisurely morning. T bonded with Kali:


While Mojo watched their silliness. Such a good boy!

MojoI tested out the hammock while Erik & Nerissa were packing up. It’s pretty sweet:

HammockThen we hit the road to Guerneville. We had to stop for gas on the way, and while in the convenience store, I spotted these treasures:

ShaqDrinks(Apparently, Shaquille O’Neill has run out of money!) I thought about buying a couple for my bike hydration, but figured it probably wasn’t the best idea.

We stopped at a really cute little lunch place. We ate outside and Erik tormented the waitress by telling her that all four of us wanted the special we’d just been told they were out of. Her face looked absolutely devastated and then so relieved when she realized he was kidding. (Hope the saliva in his food was worth it… Hee hee!) After a very delicious lunch, we drove the last little bit to the rental house.

When you rent a place online, it’s always a bit of a question of what it will be like in person. Pictures are often inaccurate and it’s hard to capture the feel of a house with pictures. But this place was just as nice as we’d hoped. There was plenty of space to hang out in the living room and a big deck. There were a ton of stairs, one flight down to a hot tub and then another flight down to our own personal dock:

RiverDockThe view of the house from the dock:

HouseThere was a construction site next door and we liked that it looked like they built a little cartoon-style mouse hole in it:


I took care of a little race business and put my bike together and then went for a short run to loosen up the legs a little bit. Then the four of us headed down the road to Korbel for some champagne tasting.

KorbelShould you find yourself in the Russian River valley, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Korbel. They have a ton of different champagnes to taste, so it was fun to try some different types. (I tend to be of the champagne = yummy persuasion, so I’ve never even thought about if I liked a drier vs. sweeter champagne.) It was a great way to kick the trip off:










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