You were warned…


I should probably refrain from writing blog posts during taper, but I have so many amusing pictures to share from the last couple of days. (They are amusing to me at least, so apologies if that’s just my crazy brain… ) On Friday morning as I was walking to the office, I was passed by this gentleman and his lovely dog:

RadDogI don’t know if it was a therapy dog or just his pet but I loved watching them. I couldn’t resist taking a surreptitious photo while we waited for the stoplight.

We’ve been having super gorgeous weather lately, so lunch had to be someplace outdoors. Luckily, Reed knew about this little gem:

LunchIt’s a bar/restaurant on the fifth floor of the Red Lion Hotel downtown. The view is obstructed by buildings, but it’s still really awesome out there. Shortly after this picture was taken those tables were all pushed together and inhabited by a huge group of nerds, so the vibe was a bit less fashionable…

After work, I opted to take the bus that gets me to my neighborhood sooner but requires a longer walk home. I passed this amusing bit of vandalism:

TrexSignAnd then walked home by way of Green Lake. There were a million people out enjoying the day, dogs swimming (including an adorable St. Bernard) and it just felt like the epitome of summer.

The next morning we had to get up at the crack of dawn to drive Wally down to Salem, where he’ll be staying while we’re away. We arrived at Susan’s house to be greeted by this post-it note:

PostItFor those who haven’t heard the endless stories, Susan usually has a list of chores for T to do when he visits. Usually they’re more on the order of changing the clock on the microwave and reminding her where gmail lives on her computer, but occasionally she comes up with something epic for him to do. Years ago, she offered to pay for our plane tickets from New York. We pulled into a driveway filled with two pallets of flag stone for a little patio project she had in mind.

But T is a good sport, so he got to work and managed to get the new dishwasher in and the old one outside for pick-up. We even managed to get out for a quick bike ride before we had to head home. The scenery was terrible, as usual:


But the company was pretty great:
TSusanAnd now all that’s left is a million hours of packing and this little adventure will be off and running. Look forward to some good blog fodder, at the very least.





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