Weekend Update


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted because I really didn’t have anything exciting to write about. (I’m trying to hold off on my boring triathlon training posts until I can at least add an amusing anecdote or funny photograph to the mix.) Training has been going okay on the whole – there have been a few really bad outings mixed in with some successful and middle of the road ones, so it all averages out to okay. I’m still a little freaked out about being ready for Vineman, but that’s pretty typical for me, so we’ll just roll with that.

But this past weekend, I actually had some social plans mixed in with the training. Friday evening, I went with the boy to see the opening of one of his big projects:

WFbar1It’s a bar. In a Whole Foods!

WFbar2Okay, it’s not a full bar. But they have beer, wine and cider for pretty reasonable prices. And you can drink at the Whole Foods, which I frequently want to do when I’m there, so it all works out! ;-P

On Saturday, I finally got to find out what the surprise birthday-related outing was that the boy had been planning for me. First, I had to redeem the terrible long run that I’d attempted on Thursday and only managed 3.5 miles. Luckily, it went a lot better and I got 12 solid miles done. A few hours of recovery and we were off to Key Arena to see the Rat City Roller Girls play. Woot! I’d never been and it was so much fun. The players had awesome names, guess which one of these was my favorite:


Only T was able to keep all of the rules straight, but it’s still a very fun sport to watch, even if you have no idea what’s going on.

RollerDerbyMontageEvery one seemed to be having a great time. Khai even joined us from Canada!

BryanKhaiAfterward, we went out to a very loud bar and had some pretty solid Mexican food. (You know, by Seattle’s standards… )

On Sunday, I originally had a long ride scheduled. But moving the long run to Saturday made that feel like a terrible idea. (The previous night’s drinking and bad food choices didn’t help either.) So, I opted to go out for a long walk with T and Wally around Green Lake. We don’t walk Wally around the lake, because he barks at other dogs and generally acts like an a-hole. But we decided to start across the street and see how it went. Wally was doing really well, so we grabbed some coffee and continued around the lake, stopping for a swim:

GreenlakeMontageThe water lilies were really pretty:

WaterLiliesIt was a nice long walk that loosened up my legs and let me spend time with my two favorite boys.

I tried to do a trainer workout in the afternoon, but my stupid Powermeter stopped transmitting, so instead of the intervals I’d planned on, it was just an easy spin. Oh well…






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