Picking up the pieces


It’s been a week and things are slowly moving toward normal (or at least some weird new version of it.) Poor Wally was a little confused for the first day or so, sniffing around the yard and seeming to be looking for Smokey Joe. This may be us projecting, but he did seem to be not quite himself. Then he realized that he could get a lot more attention as the only dog and was really playful and demanding of attention. Now he’s back to looking for someone to boss him around, which is currently taking the form of George. (I will try to get a picture or video, because a 90 lb dog kowtowing to an ancient 9 lb cat is awesome.)

To reward ourselves for getting through the week, T and I treated ourselves to some carbs and alcohol at Bravehorse. A few adult beverages and many calories were consumed, but we both felt slightly better. They don’t call it comfort food for nothing…

BravehorseI had a mini freakout about how soon Vineman is coming and how far behind I am in my training. So, in the midst of all of the sadness, I forced myself to get back out there. I did a long run on Thursday, running home from work for the first time this year. I also got a couple of longer swims in (finally) and a long solo ride on Sunday. I managed to get 70 miles in, despite not really wanting to leave the house. At one point in the ride, I bribed myself with a Krispy Kreme stop if I made it back to the bottom of Lake Sammamish.

MagicDonutI was hoping for the magic donut effect that I had last year, but alas, that donut sat in my stomach like a brick. But I got the work done (and actually averaged a better pace than expected, so that was nice.) I can’t say I’m feeling confident about Vineman, but my plan is to just put my head down and get as much work done between now and then as I can and let the day take care of itself.

The boy is doing great with his recovery. He met with the doctor on Thursday and now off the crutches. We had rented a pair of the fanciest crutches I’ve ever seen, so naturally I had to get a picture of them before they went back:

CrutchFreeBoyAnd finally, I would like to give a formal shout-out to all of the support we’ve received. So many people have reached out and been so lovely. It’s made a huge difference and I truly do appreciate it.


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