Putting the tri in tri-camp


Today was our only day to swim at the local pool, so a number of us were committed to that at noon. So, many of that group opted to run/hike out at Devils Punchbowl beforehand. (The nice thing about training camp is that I turn into an early bird and was up at 6:30.) It was a small, intrepid group:

PunchbowlRunLadiesI love running out at this park, even though the first mile looks like this:

8670333854_7c59bf3cf1_hSo, I walked up the initial hill (which was the equivalent effort of my typical runs.) Between my huffing and puffing, I enjoyed the surrounding scenery:


DPOnce I reached the top of the hill, I could actually start running. It’s still pretty rolling, but fun:

8669227405_296df527fa_hJenSW and I ran together for a while and marveled at how unSeattle-like it all was. We ran for about half an hour and I took a picture of the view at the turnaround:

DP3We somehow managed to get lost on the way back and had to off-road it a bit to get back on trail. When we made it back to the parking lot, we learned that the local visitor center had these rescued owls. It was incredible to see them so close up. I can’t remember the name they’d given the barn owl, but she was afraid of dogs and dust mops:

DP-BarnOwlThis is the first time I’ve ever seen a Great Horned Owl in person:

8670320006_539c24e239_hThere was also a female Great Horned Owl, named Squinty. She was right up in front of her cage and so beautiful!

SquintyWe all posed for a post-run photo with Squinty:

PunchbowlOwlLadiesWe then headed back to the house for a quick snack/second breakfast and it was off to the pool. It was just as crowded and crappy as the other one:

PalmdalePoolWe all had a lane to ourselves and a lovely swim. After some swimming, there were of course some hijinks:

SwimLadiesWe ran a few errands in town and realized we were hungry. Someone mentioned Mexican, so we consulted Yelp to find the most generically named place nearby (Tacos Baja Mex):

8670291606_0d8462e2f7_hAll it needs is Señor in front of it and a Sombrero and they will have hit all of the highlights. But the food was delicious and we could eat outside:

MexicanFoodI won’t lie, I wasn’t sure the last workout of the day, a bike ride, was going to happen. But after a little digesting time, a small group of us headed out. We did the same loop as yesterday, but in the other (easier) direction. I was surprised to find that my legs actually felt better than they had yesterday. It was a good, solid day of training followed by a ton of food and wine.

Dinner was lively, but afterward everyone was pretty wiped out and the room was pretty quiet. Interspersed with all of the days activities was the crazy news from Boston, so there was a little catching up on current events and then an early, well-deserved bed time.









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