Off to play with the big girls


I spent the morning with Heidi and the girls, including a little time at their Mommy & Me class. It was fun to see the girls with their friends, plus meet some of the moms that Heidi is friends with. It was too bad that I had to bid them farewell during an ill-timed fire drill. But it was time to head off to training camp, with a quick side trip to the Santa Clarita pool. As you can see it was super crowded:

SCpoolAfter our gross gym pool, it was heaven to swim in such a beautiful outdoor pool. I am so jealous of the locals who get to swim here. They have no idea how lucky they are. Then a quick stop at In & Out and I was off to camp. As I parked my car, I noticed that Monty had added a fitness equipment graveyard since last year:

FitnessGraveyardI timed my arrival perfectly. Ladies were just getting back from their workouts and ate lunch while I assembled my bike. I added it to the stable out front:

XantusiaThere was a casual ride planned for the afternoon, which was perfect. We stopped to take photos, so I actually had some pictures of me for a change:


Me-rideThere was a cool old stone house that I had never noticed before.

OldStoneHouseIt was a nice ride, nothing too crazy. The climb back to the house wasn’t nearly as tough as it’s been in years past (though still not what I’d call easy.) On our walk back up to the house, we said hi to the horses:

8670256836_2d1c17dcd1_hThen it was time for some good quality social time.

sunnyLadiesAnd of course dinner with plenty of wine:

SallyWineThere are about nine of us this year and it seems to be an awesome group thus far. I think it’s going to be a really great camp.





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