Girls day out


It’s that time of year again, the annual trip to California for training camp. I look forward to these trips every year and this one was no exception. I’ve actually been riding my bike for a change, so I was hoping the desert hills weren’t going to kill me like they usually do.

But first, I got to spend a whole day with my favorite LA trio. After a frustrating transaction with Budget, (WORST RENTAL CAR COMPANY EVER!!!!) I headed over to Heidi’s for a little chat before we needed to pick the girls up from their Tiny Tots class. The girls had made me a welcome gift:

BannerWe went to lunch at Portos, a local Cuban bakery that had an amazing array of pastries along with some yummy-sounding sandwiches. Not to mention, I got to enjoy the company of these two silly girls:


After lunch, we headed over to Pasadena to go to Kidspace. It’s a super cool kids museum that made me very sad it wasn’t around when I was a kid. There were all sorts of fun activities and the girls were in heaven:



There was this huge outdoor section with a creek that the girls just loved. Heidi & I sat on a bench and enjoyed watching them play in the water:



KS1It was so much fun to spend the day hanging out with them and watching how they interact with the world. Afterward, we hung out in the backyard and the girls played some more. Then Tom came home and took over parenting duties so that Heidi & I could go out for dinner and have a little one on one time. We went to this great local pub and shared some yummy appetizers and had some really delicious cider. So far, this vacation is off to a great start!




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