Baby Blue


Susan came up for a visit and brought the newest member of the dog pack, her new puppy Blue:

Blue1It should be noted that he is only 16 weeks old and nearly as big as Smokey Joe. He’s going to be GINORMOUS. But he’s the sweetest baby and had a lot of fun playing in the backyard:

IMG_4083He and Wally had a really good time ‘rassling around.

BoysPlayingMeal times were serious business:

WaitingAnd after all of that playtime, there was a seriously sleepy puppy:

Blue3For some reason, he really liked to sleep in the sliver of space behind the couch.

Blue2Most of the weekend was spent hanging out with the dog pack, but we did also have some other Seattle fun. Susan and I went for a run along the waterfront on a glorious sunny Saturday. And when it rained on Sunday, the three of us went to the Bike Expo (it wasn’t quite as fun as last years outing, but we had a good time.) We had M & J over so Susan could meet baby Rowan and just spent a lot of time hanging out and catching up. It was a really nice visit. We’ll head down to Salem in April. I can’t wait to see the size difference of baby Blue. (gulp.)




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