I’m sorry I’ve been so lazy with the posting. Compared to last year and all of our marathon adventures, it’s been pretty quiet. But perhaps this completely random blog post will help! 😉

My running is going really well. A few weeks ago, something happened and I was able to run the whole time under my target heart rate. Then I got like a minute per mile faster all of the sudden. Now, I’m running pretty close to the pace I was running before, only it feels a lot easier. So, that experiment is going well. My first running race of the year is two weeks away, we’ll see how it goes!

We’ve continued with the paleo thing, not quite as strict, with a few off-plan dinners out. Notably Valentines Day. I scored 3 dollar tickets to a so-so production of the Music Man. We made it through the first act and had a great excuse to eat pizza:


But otherwise, we’ve been trying to eat as clean as we can. It makes us feel good, and I’m proud to say that I’ve been Diet Coke free since December 31, 2012. (If you know me in real life, this is a HUGE deal.) I attribute the fact that my energy levels are way more stable now to my success. (That afternoon energy crash was my kryptonite.) Plus it’s pretty awesome to have your checkout at the grocery store look like this:

20130218-203806.jpgI wrapped up a challenging (cough cough) freelance assignment and decided to reward myself with fanciness. I scored a used power meter, which I’ve been wanting for a while, and these bad boys:

808sEver since I rented that pair for Rev3 Portland, I’ve daydreamed about owning a pair of my own. So, when I saw a good deal on a used pair I just couldn’t resist. So excited to race with them. I’m going to use both new toys as motivation to get that bike training going. Look forward to some super dorky biking posts!

Things have been less rosy for the boy. He’d been having hip pain, so he went to get an MRI. It turns out that the ball in his hip socket is misshapen, so he either needs a horrifying surgery where they grind that thing down to conventional shape or wait until it gets bad enough to warrant hip replacement. Neither option is very good. He’s got a final appointment with a surgeon to hear his options, but it’s looking like the ambitious marathon plans he had are out the window. I’m so sad for him, because he had such a great first marathon. I’m holding on to an irrational hope that the surgeon will have good news on that front, so please send T some positive running karma.

Again, sorry for the totally random blog post. I’ll try to cook up some blog-worthy adventures and write about them!



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