Big day for the boy


As anyone who knows us in real life may know, T has been wanting a new TV. And like most guys, he wants a GIANT shiny new TV. I’d originally thought I might surprise him with one for Christmas, but it rapidly became clear to me that what he truly wanted surpassed my Christmas present budget. Luckily, between some freelance income and an unexpected tax return, we had a little extra money this month. So, I told the boy that he could buy himself a new TV and gave him a budget.

It took a bit longer to get my freelance check than expected, but that ended up working in his favor as Costco had some really good deals around the Super Bowl. ¬†(It’s a little shocking how cheap TV’s have gotten even since I researched them around Black Friday/Christmas. This just means I can look forward to seeing this one at half the price this summer. Sigh.)

But the big day finally arrived and we headed up to Costco for the boy to claim his prize. Naturally, the Camry was far too small to hold such a giant TV so we had to tie it to the roof rack:


TV-car1I had to laugh at the fact that every man who passed the car while T was tying it down had to comment on it. There’s something about boys and giant TV’s!

It was VERY nerve-wracking driving home with an expensive toy on top of the car. As we were leaving, we were waiting at a light behind a guy on a Vespa scooter. He turned around for some reason and laughed when he saw the giant TV on our car. Then he turned around again to show us the pineapple that he had at his feet on his motorscooter. T and I laughed and gave him a round of applause. #inappropriatecostcovehiclesunite.

But we made it home successfully and lugged the giant box into the house. I think T is a little excited about his new toy:

T-danceI made dinner while he got it all set up. It’s a little insane going from a TV that was a quarter of the size. A bit like having a movie theatre screen in our living room:

NewTVFor me personally, it’s a little overboard. But it makes T really happy and he deserves to get a big shiny new toy once in a while.





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