Hanging out with little Rowan


We haven’t had a lot of time to hang out with the Grumpersons since their new arrival. In the whirlwind of new parenthood, they’ve had a steady stream of in-laws visiting, so we have only seen them briefly. But we finally had a chance to hang out at their place and spend some time with them and little Rowan. Uncle T got a chance to hold her:

IMG_3941(I appreciate his coordinating his shirt to complement her blanket.)

She is a very good baby (and this is from a non-baby person.) She slept for most of the evening until it was time for her to eat. Afterward, she hung out with mama to watch some TV:

Rowan2 Rowan1Naturally, the other baby in the house needed to get some attention, so Fergus upped his “specialness”:

IMG_3940It was really awesome to get to hang out with M & J. I’ve missed them. And should you want to see more adorable baby pictures like this one…

IMG_3988I HIGHLY recommend you follow @grumblehog on Instagram.




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