Halfway there


Sorry for the lack of blog posts, but there hasn’t been much to write about. We’re plugging along on the Whole 30 and for the most part it’s going well. It’s definitely an adjustment, but it’s really forced us out of our lazy meal planning rut. (It’s amazing how much motivating meal planning is when you can’t just order a pizza… ) I haven’t yet hit the amazing part where you have tons of energy and your body is a fat burning machine, but each day I feel a little better and more used to eating this way. I love all of the veggies and we found a really great Paleo cookbook that has given us some really fantastic dinners. (We made a pad thai out of it that we ended up making two days in a row, we liked it so much.)

I’ve been experimenting with a new approach to my running before real training starts up again and am trying to do 5 runs a week while keeping my heart rate under a certain number. At first, this was the world’s saddest run workout. As in, I’d run five steps, my stupid watch would chime at me that my heart rate was too high, I’d walk for a minute, repeat 4 million times while resisting urge to hurl stupid watch in the lake. Yesterday, I finally had a workout that was mostly running. (There are a million things that could have influenced this, including the new battery I put in the strap, but I am still going to call it a victory.) I was running slowly, but running all the same. The nice thing is that these workouts are so low impact that the frequency is not a problem at all.

The other big experiment this week was a TRX class. For those who are unfamiliar, TRX is this crazy system of straps that you can use your own body weight as resistance. I’d bought a Groupon for the classes at the place I go for physical therapy, so it’s a relatively cheap experiment. I didn’t love the instructor and feel like they could greatly benefit from a little 10 minute orientation for the newcomers in the group. (There was one point where we had to adjust the straps quickly between exercises and I couldn’t do it and was getting super frustrated.) But I definitely got a good workout and was very sore afterward. Hopefully, it will pay off with some good strength gains or six-pack abs or whatever the TRX infomercial promises… 😉

That’s all I’ve got. Hopefully, something blog worthy will happen that will spare you another boring post about what I’m eating and how my running is going. 😉

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