It’s a whole new year


First off, I’m thrilled to announce the arrival of M’s baby: little Rowan Caroline James Grumperson (last name changed to protect the innocent.) was born in the evening of 12/30/12. It was a long and difficult birth, but it sounds like M was a freakin’ rock star. (No surprise here!) I kicked off my New Years Eve plans with a visit to the happy family in the hospital. (I’m sorry that I don’t have pictures, the lighting of the room combined with my temperamental phone camera would not have done her justice. You’ll have to take my word for it that she’s adorable. (And I’m not a baby person, so that really says something!)

Then T & I went out for a little dinner date before we embark on a new challenge of our own. We’re tackling a Whole 30 Challenge for the month of January. They call it a “nutritional reset”, which I really like. The rules are pretty basic: no grains (including corn), sugar/alcohol, soy/vegetable oils and no dairy. You’re supposed to pair a palm-sized amount quality protein with a tablespoon or two of healthy fat and a ton of veggies. The goal is to eliminate things that cause inflammation in the body and cause insulin spikes. For folks with food allergies/sensitivities, you can figure out what foods are causing you issues. So, while M was having a baby, I was buying groceries and doing some freezer cooking to help keep us on track.

As we headed into the challenge, our refrigerator was out of control:

Fridge(And that’s the shelf ABOVE the very full produce drawer!)

Since we spent the last two weeks eating like we’re about to go on the Biggest Loser or something, (So many carbs! All washed down with wine or Diet Coke… ) I was worried that the first few days would be miserable. But except for a low-grade headache for the first day or two, it really hasn’t been that bad. We’d done really good meal planning this week, so we’ve been eating some really great food. I’ve been spamming Instagram with pictures of my lunch for the last two days:


Lunch2(I promise I’ll stop doing that… )

I’m sure we’ll move into the meltdown where the cravings for pizza/dessert/Diet Coke make me really cranky, but it’s feels really good to start the new year off this way. It’s so much better than our Clean diet experience in May, when I was trying to get training done while eliminating a bunch of stuff from our diets. This time I can be flexible with my exercise and workout when I feel up to it and chill out when I don’t. I’ll try not to bog this blog down in dietary musings, but if I do, I’ll try to pair them with cute pictures of Rowan or pet hijinks. Sound good?



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