About a month ago, I started planning a surprise baby shower for M. Since a lot of the awesome folks that I would have invited to such a shindig live elsewhere, I had to get a little creative. So, I sent out an email asking them to make videos for Ms. M and send them to me. I had SUCH a hard time keeping it a secret. I almost blew it a million times by wanting to tell M about various aspects of the planning process.

But the big day finally arrived and we’d laid the groundwork for she and J to come over for a “casual dinner” at our place. But the downside of that plan was that it couldn’t be so casual that it wouldn’t be a big deal to bail on, so we told M that we were making pittaha for dinner. Plus J was in on the plan, so we had some insurance. Which was good, because M was having a very grumpy day.

T and I cleaned and decorated the house, which looked very lovely when we were done:

IMG_3795I’d even made little favors (blue & pink wrapped chocolates!)

IMG_3796Joining us for the party was a friend of M’s who I’d not met before, Robyn and our friend Sarah. They came over early to help surprise M. Which was a huge success, because she was completely surprised when she got to our house. The guest of honor and our partner in crime:

IMG_3772(And no, that’s not actually wine in her glass… ) J had made an awesome playlist of songs containing the word “baby” so we had some great music to accompany dinner and some lovely conversation. T had made smaller “fancier” pittaha and we paired it with a lovely salad and some green beans. With cupcakes for dessert:


IMG_3797Then there were some presents to open. M’s friends had been very generous and sent a bunch of great stuff. (It’s too bad they aren’t accompanied by great photos, but what can you do?)



IMG_3786There were also GREAT videos to watch. But the best part was how special it made M feel. The pregnancy has been hard on her, so it was really awesome to do something nice for her. I am so thankful to J and her friends for their help, I definitely couldn’t have pulled it off without them!

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